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Pope Francis on Thursday during a meeting with representatives of the Centro Femminile Italiano (an association founded after World War II to defend the dignity of women and to promote their involvement in politics and social life) spoke about the situation in relation to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The head of the Vatican criticized the decision to increase military spending by some countries. He also stated that the “real answer” is “to manage the world differently – not by showing teeth.”

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Banachewycz: Ukrainian authorities will support peace mission

Pope Francis has criticized increased arms spending: The real answer is no more guns

– I am embarrassed to read that a group of countries have agreed to increase to 2 percent PKB arms issuance in response to what happened. This is crazy – said Pope Francis on Thursday, quoted by Reuters.

Although the pastor did not indicate any countries directly, it can be concluded that he was referring to NATO countries that are obliged to incur such costs. Speeches include about Germany or France. This group also includes Poland, which by 2023 will increase defense spending by 3 percent. PKB.

Russia and Belarus are preparing for the exercises. There are satellite photos

The Holy Father pointed out that “good politics cannot come from a culture of power understood as domination and oppression, but only from a culture of concern for the person, his or her dignity and our common home” – argued Pope Francis quoted by wp.pl for PAP. – The history of the last seventy years, in which there has never been a shortage of regional wars, proves it. Now, however, there is a war that has a bigger dimension and threatens the security of the entire world – to quote the Pope “Vatican News”.

Pope Francis also said that for people of his generation, the sight of war-torn Ukraine is unbearable. According to the Pope, this war is a product of “the old power logic that still dominates so-called geopolitics.” He added that “the real answer is not more weapons, more sanctions and political/military alliances, but a different way of managing the world – not by showing teeth.”

The Pope also reminded that he had previously said that because of the many regional conflicts in the world, a “third world war is breaking out” is taking place. – Until it comes to one that has a larger dimension and threatens the whole world – he said. According to him, it is women who can “contribute to the conversion of the power system”. – The time has come for the full realization of the vocation of women, a time when women will gain influence, splendor and power in society as never before – she quoted Pope Paul VI’s words, which he delivered at the end of the Second Vatican Council.

Pope Francis calls for an end to war in Ukraine: Let the cries of suffering be heard in the name of God

Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Pope Francis has repeatedly called for an end to the war. In his appeals, he pointed out that Ukraine was a victim of the ongoing war, but never once did he unequivocally condemn Russia or Vladimir Putin. On Friday, March 25, on the Solemnity of the Annunciation, he intends to consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The service will be held at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

– In the name of God, please: stop this massacre – said the Pope in mid-March, right after that in St. Petersburg. Piotr gave a thunderous applause. – In the face of the barbarity of killing children, innocent civilians, there is no strategic reason, he said.

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Pope Francis calls for an end to the war in UkrainePope Francis. In the name of God, please stop this massacre!

– With pain in my heart, I combined my voice with the voices of ordinary people begging to end the war. Let the cries of suffering be heard in the name of God, and let the bombings and attacks cease. Let the negotiations be earnest and decisive, and let the humanitarian corridor be effective and safe, he wrote on Twitter on March 13.

The Pope also appealed to accept refugees from Ukraine. – I want to encourage you once again to accept so many refugees where Christ is present and thank you for the great network of solidarity that has emerged. I call on all dioceses and religious communities to intensify their prayers for peace, wrote the Pope

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