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Pipeline Repair and Subsea Intervention (PRSI) is a member group in which Equinor has an administrator role. Nord Stream is a member of the group. PRSI’s duties include preparedness for its members.

– The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that mobilization for inspection and repair works related to pipelines would violate Norway’s sanctions regulations – and by extension EU sanctions regulations, Equinor informed Reuters news agency.

Sanctions – and secrecy

In comments provided to NTB and Reuters, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote the following:

– Norway acts with the EU to apply sanctions against Russia to maintain pressure on the Russian government and its supporters. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is at the forefront of implementing sanctions.

This includes implementing effective export controls, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

– Due to confidentiality obligations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot comment on matters relating to the export of strategic goods, services and technology, the statement continued.

Leaks in September

In September last year, Russia’s Nord Stream 1 and -2 gas pipelines to Germany started leaking in the Baltic Sea. The Danish and Swedish authorities have determined that the leak was caused by sabotage.

Each track is 1,200 kilometers long and their leaks send methane into the atmosphere.

Norway, which is not part of the EU, has committed itself to a package of EU sanctions against Russia.

The European Commission has so far not responded to any news agency questions about the case.

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