Prime Minister Morawiecki’s lecture was quoted by the world media!

The speech by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, delivered on Monday at the University of Heidelberg, was part of a programmatic series of speeches about the future of Europe; French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz presented their vision of the Community earlier, Brussels news portal Euractiv stressed on Tuesday. In turn, the British daily Independent pointed out that the head of the Polish government warned of an uprising if the European Union abandoned the nation state. The Prime Minister’s lecture was also noticed by the German media, who considered that Poland’s vision of Europe was different from Germany’s.

On Monday, Prime Minister Morawiecki gave a lecture at the Ruprecht and Charles University in Heidelberg, Germany. “Europe at a Historical Turning Point”.

Euractiv: Responses to the vision of the Community of Macron and Scholz

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki outlined his vision for Europe’s future in a speech at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, emphasizing the role of the sovereign nation state against European federations. Poland’s conservative government has been at the forefront of supporting Ukraine against Russia and has always been pro-NATO. But when it comes to the European integration process, he doubts the deepening (competence) of EU institutions.

reminds Euractiv.

Nothing better protects their national, cultural, social, economic, political and military freedoms than the nation state

– quoting the words of Mateusz Morawiecki, portal.

The alternative to Europe’s sovereign nation-states would be “the technocratic utopia some in Brussels seem to envision” or “neo-imperialism,” he quotes.


— Poland and Europe are headed for war. Important lecture by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at Heidelberg University

— Echoes of Prime Minister Morawiecki’s lecture in Heidelberg. “Welt”: “From 24 February 2022, Poland accepts a new role in Europe”

Vision of the future of the Community

As Euractiv noted, Morawiecki’s speech was part of a series of other speeches about the future of the Community delivered by EU leaders, such as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Prague in August 2022 and French President Emmanuel Macron at the Sorbonne in 2017.

In his speech in Prague, Scholz said that the EU Agreement was not “set in stone” and that EU expansion must be accompanied by EU reforms. Germany urged to abandon the rule of unanimity in foreign affairs and tax policy, making its agreement to accept a new member state conditional on this.

If each EU country seeks to dominate the others, Europe may fall victim to the same mistakes in the past

– warned Morawiecki in Heidelberg, saying that “pro-European” will be expressed in support for EU expansion, not further centralization.

Euractiv pointed out that in his speech, the Polish Prime Minister criticized the European Commission, which recently announced that it would sue Poland for two Constitutional Court decisions, which, according to the Commission, called into question the primacy of EU legal principles. .

Beating others to the whip of “European values” without agreeing on their definition and understanding what changes each country needs to make is (…) self-destructive for the European Union

— quoting Euractiv Morawiecki.

Do we really want a cosmopolitan, pan-European elite with great powers but no electoral mandate?

asked the Prime Minister.

“Independent”: Polish Prime Minister warns against rebellion

The European Union will turn into a super-state that ignores national differences, writes the British daily Independent.

We need a Europe that is strong because of its nation state, not one built on its ruins

Prime Minister Morawiecki emphasized in an hour-long lecture at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

I warn everyone who wants to create a super-state ruled by a small elite: if we ignore cultural differences, the result will be a weakening of Europe and a series of uprisings.

added the head of the Polish government.

As the Independent notes, Morawiecki also compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Nazi Germany’s leader, Adolf Hitler, arguing that Europe has an “obligation to oppose Russian fascism.”

Poland is one of the countries that supports Ukraine the most, providing military, political and humanitarian assistance, daily pressure.

“A defeat for Ukraine will be a defeat for the West, even for the entire free world,” and “it will change the world dramatically,” said Morawiecki.

FAZ: The nation state as a pillar of the European Union

During a lecture in Germany, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called the strength of the nation state an important pillar of the European Union. In his speech at the University of Heidelberg, he spoke of a “historical turning point” for Europe, wrote the daily portal Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ).

The situation is more serious today than it was around 1989, when the communist dictatorship was largely resolved peacefully. Russian President Vladimir Putin was driven by “a desire to destroy all differences and national identities and melt them into one great Russian empire.

— FAZ reporting the speech of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland. “Anyone who wants to destroy another country,” said Morawiecki referring to the war with Ukraine, “is a fascist, violates human rights and human dignity.”

At the same time, according to German media, Morawiecki warned against further centralization of the EU. He said he often heard calls for Community reform as a condition for its expansion. This is very often the veiled proposition of federalization, i.e. centralization.

Morawiecki, who knows Germany well from his internship in the Bundesbank and several study visits, criticized the concept of seriously limiting unanimity rules in the EU, proposed by the German government: “Should decisions be driven by the majority against the interests of the minority?” More centralization will bring “more old bugs”. It was a failure not to listen to countries that were right in Putin’s assessment,” the Pole said, referring to Putin’s criticism of the east of the European Union.

FAZ wrote.

Prime Minister Morawiecki warned against unification using the words “Gleichschatung” (German) and “Uravnilovka” (Russia), the portal notes.

If the EU elite insists on the vision of a super-centralized state, they will encounter resistance from more and more European countries, and the more they persist, the more violent the uprising will be.

– he says.

Europe will only be strong if it embodies diversity, ‘cooperation and competition’. (…) In two thousand years of European history, “no one has succeeded politically in subduing our entire continent”. Centralized Europe will collapse, like Francis Fukuyama’s post-1989 concept of the ‘end of history’

— citing Prime Minister Morawiecki’s FAZ.

The financial crisis 15 years ago showed how “supranational institutions” made economic decisions about countries like Greece and Italy “without a democratic mandate,” said Morawiecki. (…) The coronavirus pandemic has also proven the important role of the “efficient nation state”. It is true that structures such as the EU can strengthen nation states.

But nothing in Europe will guarantee the freedom of nations, their culture, their social, economic, political and military security better than the nation state.

FAZ wrote.

Spiegel”: Different visions of Europe

With the war in Ukraine, Poland’s geopolitical importance increased. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has now presented his vision of Europe at the University of Heidelberg – and it is clearly different from the ideas of Germany’s ruling coalition – according to the weekly portal “Spiegel”.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki presented a clear attachment to the role of the nation state in the EU.

We need a strong Europe through its nation-states, not one built on its ruins

— Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki quoted by Spiegel. It would be a mistake to seek the creation of a European super-state, as some bureaucrats in Brussels want, he stressed. Also Ukrainians are now fighting for their national identity and their nation-state – this is the motivation for their continued resistance against Russian aggression, which wants to take both of them away from them.

The Polish government boldly included Morawiecki’s lectures in the University of Heidelberg auditorium into the tradition of important speeches about the future of Europe – such as French President Emmanuel Macron’s European speeches in September 2017 at the Sorbonne and Chancellor Olaf Scholz in August 2022 at Charles University in Prague. “The center of Europe is moving east,” said Scholz in Prague. And above all, Poland became important and influential thanks to these developments

– we read in the text.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Poland – along with the Baltic states – turned out to be Ukraine’s most loyal ally.

When in the first months of the war the leaders in Berlin and Paris appeared paralyzed, Poland was loud and clear that the West had a moral obligation to support Ukraine militarily.

writing portals. “In addition, Poland has become a ‘humanitarian superpower’, as US Ambassador to Warsaw Mark Brzezinski put it.”

So Morawiecki now delivers his speech with a clear sense of moral excellence

Spiegel’s notes.

Those who want a decades-long strategic alliance with Russia and make European countries dependent on Russia for energy supplies are making a big mistake

– said Prime Minister Morawiecki in Heidelberg. Those who warn against Russian imperialism and repeat again and again not to trust Russia are right, he said.

Without US intervention – and possibly Poland as well – there would be no Ukraine today.


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