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We think Rise could be a very strong candidate. He has a solid background as a lawyer and as a public prosecutor, and we believe that such a role would be a perfect fit for him.Tore Sandem, board chair in the ski district of Stfold, told NRK.

It’s been a tough battle to become president of the Norwegian Ski Association: Just over two weeks ago, the nomination committee nominated Rosenborg boss Tove Moe Dyrhaug as Erik Rste’s successor.

On Friday, word broke that the Buskerud ski area announced a bench proposal for former Kollen boss Kristin Vestgren Sæterøy. And less than a day later, the stfold ski area has given Dyrhaug another contender:

Katharina Rise.

Lead evaluation jump

The Attorney General is a well-known figure at Ski-Norge. He has chaired both the so-called asthma committee – under the auspices of the cross-country committee – and the committee that looked at the handling of the Class Brede Bråthen conflict.

We have known Katharina well over the past year. Among other things, he has led the evaluation work on the jump case, and we think he has done it in a satisfactory manner, said Sandem.

BENCH ADVICE: Katharina Rise.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

How was the dialogue with Rise?

It’s been very good all the way. We got in touch with him a while ago. He was very positive about entering such a role. There’s no doubt about that, he replied.

Confirm order

And it is precisely because of the desire of the ski area, and his insight into evaluation work, that Rise is now making himself available.

The idea had already emerged this winter, when he studied old documents and had conversations with employees and positions of trust.

Katharina Rise

READY FOR THE ROLE: Katharina Rise.

Photo: Sturlason / RIKSADVOKATEN

The goal with the candidacy is to work for Norwegian skiers to continue to be a world leader.

In addition, given the current world situation, I would like to focus on the fact that sport is a tool for peace and reconciliation. I believe that the ski president’s role is so important to Norway as a ski nation, that I want to use my time now to clean up what isn’t working, and to develop the Ski Association and everything that’s going well.

– But then we have to admit that we have some challenges, and there is some improvement work to be done. I want to put my time, energy, competence and knowledge into it, said Rise.

– You mean, like, salty and stuff, eh?

– I will at least represent decency and ensure order. Make sure that you adhere to the rules, have a good understanding of the role and that you follow the established rules. I’ll also be following up on some proposals, in the sense that the ski board hasn’t done it yet, but first I’ll be following up on the policies adopted by ski resorts in the future. And my commitment is related to what I learned through the evaluation committee, he said.

Tracking the mess

Jan Petter Saltvedt, NRK sports commentator, described the three candidates as «highly competent». He still wondered that the ski environment was for two opposing candidates, instead of gathering behind one.

Sports commentator at NRK, Jan Petter Saltvedt.  Photo: ALEM ZEBIZ / NRK

EXPERT: Jan Petter Saltvedt.


It is somewhat surprising that there was not one, but two proposals shortly before parliament. The fact that they also can’t gather around a single opposing candidate doesn’t make it any easier for the candidates coming now, Saltvedt said.

He thinks the two-seat proposal could be overturned in the federal parliament in Molde next weekend.

There would be more chaos and excitement around this, he concluded and continued:

This can provide a fresher and more useful debate. To that extent, the ski association needed to vent all the excitement and frustration. That’s still a lot. But I don’t believe that coming up with more presidential candidates is the right way to create a path that everyone can agree on.

Saltvedt is most convinced that the skit chose Dyrhaug as president.

“I believe that Dyrhaug is a candidate who has all the qualifications needed to unify Ski-Norge,” he said.

Alpine National Team Presentation 2022-2023

Resigning: After ten years as board chairman and president of the Norwegian Ski Association, Erik Røste has informed the nomination committee that he will not be running for re-election this summer in Molde.

Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

We are open to all candidates

When asked if one should not gather around one opposing candidate, Tore Sandem replied:

Yes, you can say that. This is a democratic thing, and the person who gets the most votes is the one you collect, replied the chairman of the board.

What do you think recommendation of the nominating committee, Tove Moe Dyrhaug?

Tove, Tove seemed like a viable candidate. But we think it can be healthy with a bit of competition. We are concerned with getting the best candidates. “We’re very open to all three, and we hope the best candidate wins,” Sandem replied.

Røste’s successor will thus be chosen by the play in Molde on 12 June.

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