PRS is recognized as a certification body for ships under the Greek flag and shipping companies in Greece

The authorization agreement was signed in Greece, whereby the PRS (Polish Shipping Register) is recognized as the certifying body for Greek ships and shipping companies. Greece has the largest navy in the world.

The authorization agreement for Polski Recognized Organizations Rejestr Statków SA, based in Gdańsk, entrusting the possibility of providing services provided by the regulations in force in Greece to ships flying the Greek flag, as well as related companies, was signed on Wednesday between the Greek Ministry of Shipping and Insular Politics and PRS.

The Ministry of Shipping is represented by the Head of the Coast Guard – Hellenic Coast Guard, Vice Admiral LS Georgios Alexandrakis, on the authority of the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Ioannis Plakiotakis. The Polski Rejestr Statków SA organization is represented by the director of the office in Piraeus, Robert Domański.

In 2002, the world’s leading fleets were registered under the flags of Panama (350.401 million tonnes total deadweight), Liberia (335.114 million tonnes) and the Marshall Islands (289.781 million tonnes). Greece ranks 9th in the world by registered fleet under its flag with a total deadweight of about 64.562 million tons (for comparison – a ship with a deadweight of only about 102,000 tons sails under the Polish flag). Greece is ahead of Hong Kong (4th), Singapore, Mainland China, Malta and the Bahamas.
The fleet registered under the Greek flag exceeds, in terms of total deadweight, e.g. Japan (10th), Cyprus, United Kingdom (12th), Denmark (14th), Norway (16th), Korea (19th) and United States (21st) with a total deadweight of 12,527 million tons).

At the beginning of 2022, considering the country of residence (ship owner’s position / place of control of the ship’s capital), Greece has the largest fleet in the world with a share (based on dead weight) of the world’s fleet of 18%, ahead of China (13%), Japan (11%) and Singapore (6%) and Hong Kong (5%).

There are 24 ships under the flag of Greece on the PRS 2022 ocean liners list, mainly passenger ferries and small passenger cars and general/multipurpose cargo ships.

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