Pushed receives a report on the president’s health. “I’ll publish what I can,” he said

Doctors at the Prague Military Hospital, who treated President Miloš Zeman, sent answers to the Senate regarding Zeman’s health condition.

The speaker of the upper house, Miloš Vystrčil Seznam, confirmed the report that he had received the report. However, it will not publish its content yet.

“The report is such that I need advice on what is possible and what is not possible to publish. I hope to publish the maximum number of things I can publish,” said Vystrčil.

He will consult with lawyers on Monday and could provide preliminary information in the evening, the Senate president added. “I consider two things important – to be seen by people who are more educated in privacy than I am, and to let my colleagues know, at least from the Senate leadership,” said Vystril.

Senate Vice President Jitka Seitlová (KDU-ČSL) has no reports yet. But he supports publishing information about whether President Zeman is capable of carrying out his functions. “We don’t want to provide information about medical diagnoses, but whether the president is capable of carrying out his duties,” Senator Seitl said.

The hospital will not publish the contents of the report. “We would like to take this opportunity to thank medical specialists as well as leading experts in the field of constitutional law for their cooperation,” said hospital spokeswoman Jitka Zinke.

Mynář is preparing a statement

He pushed out the information from the Central Military Hospital that he had requested after he had not heard back from the Office of the President of the Republic. Castle has long been silent about the president’s health concerns.

Chancellor President Vratislav Mynář announced that he would issue a statement on Miloš Zeman’s health earlier this week. It is not clear when exactly this will happen. Servers Lidovky.cz He said that a plan was being developed at Castle to keep the president in power, at least in part – Castle could supposedly ask for a temporary removal of power.

The president has been hospitalized in a military hospital since Sunday with an unspecified problem. According to some sources, the president has serious liver problems.

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