Putin has never been this bad. In the new video, he can’t control his vibration

Rumors of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s deteriorating health were sparked by a new video from the Russian Federation State Awards ceremony on Sunday. The Kremlin’s head appears to be shaking in the footage. However, the media also noticed other strange manifestations that could signal a serious illness.

The longer Russian troops fight in Ukraine, the more often there is talk of possible health problems for the Kremlin chief. First there are indications that the Russian president may have Parkinson’s disease. Last week, the US Secret Service announced that Vladimir Putin secretly underwent cancer treatment in April.

He reportedly underwent an operation that was supposed to be successful. However, the Russian president is increasingly paranoid, according to intelligence services, which makes him unpredictable and weakens his power. It is the display of power and the image of a fearless and determined leader that the Kremlin is trying to nurture. He refused to talk about Vladimir Putin’s health. The statement is constantly repeated that Putin is completely healthy and does not suffer from any problems.

However, according to experts, the facts say otherwise. When the Russian president met his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi last month, the camera caught him squirming strangely as the pair sat down to negotiate. Theories about the Russian president’s serious illness rose when Putin suddenly died last week postponed the annual live broadcast of the event, where he is supposed to answer questions from ordinary Russians. The reason could be fear of hostile questions about the war in Ukraine or the president’s inability to stay on TV for the usual three to four hours, he said. Sun.​

A new video from the presentation of the weekend of the State Prize of the Russian Federation to director Nikita Michalkov now proves that the state of the president’s health is in decline. English Mirror show that Putin looks shaking in the recording. Fast then notice that the president can’t stand still, and his legs are shaking, while swaying from side to side. At one point, it even seemed Putin they broke their legs.

According to an FSB officer interviewed by reporters, Putin has a severe form of cancer that is progressing rapidly and has about two years left to live. He suffered from headaches and his eyesight is said to have deteriorated. He should have a note written in big letters on the TV so he can read it. “Even his limbs were shaking uncontrollably,” he said.

The Kremlin continues to insist that Putin’s health is stable, and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently denied that Putin was sick.


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