Radosław Sikorski’s TVP film The Lord of Chobielin premieres about Donald Tusk

Emission document about Radosław Sikorski, prepared by the reporter “Wiadomości” Marcin Tulicki, announced on TVP Info on Monday afternoon. It is not stated exactly when the material will be displayed.

The problems facing Europe today are the result of years of policies carried out under German dictation. First of all, policy towards Russia. Its implementers in the Donald Tusk administration were mostly Radosław Sikorski, who a dozen years ago radically changed his view of the world – he said after 15 Małgorzata Opczowska.

It can be inferred from the announcement that the film will have a very critical tone. In recent years, TVP news and current affairs programs have repeatedly taken a negative tone in light of some of Radosław Sikorski’s statements and actions as foreign minister in 2007-2014, incl. meeting with the head of Russian diplomacy Sergey Lavrov (shots of the minister smoking on the balcony of diplomatic missions revealed), a speech in Berlin, in which the task “I am afraid of German inaction, not power”, participation in negotiations of then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych with protesters in February 2014 and excerpts from conversations heard in a Warsaw restaurant in 2013-14 (Sikorski bluntly criticized the alliance between Poland and the US).

Recently, negative comments were reported for several days after Sikorski’s twitter post about the damage to the Nord Stream 2 and Nord Stream 1 gas pipelines ascribed to Russia (the former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a photo of the damage and his statement “Thank you, USA”, then he deletes the entry).

TVP is preparing a second document aimed at Tusk

On April 9 this year, on the eve of the anniversary of the Smolensk disaster, Marcin Tulicki’s film “Our man in Warsaw” was shown on TVP1 and TVP Info simultaneously. The 75-minute document primarily analyzes the political and economic relations between Poland and Russia, from the fall 2007 takeover of power by the PO-PSL coalition to the Smolensk disaster. Described, among other things, Lech Kaczyński’s visit to Tbilisi in August 2008, the meeting between Donald Tusk and Vladimir Putin (including during a visit to Moscow in early 2008, the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, shortly before and after the Smolensk disaster), Poland signed more than a decade ago. then, a long-term contract with the Russian company Gazprom and the construction of an LNG terminal in winoujście by Poland.

Shots of Tusk’s meeting with Putin and positive comments from the then Polish prime minister about relations with Russia are intertwined with photos of victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the site of the Smolensk disaster. It has been repeatedly suggested that Donald Tusk and his government make political and economic decisions in favor of Russia, while Lech Kaczyński rightly recognized the Kremlin’s aggressive policies and it was he who decided on the energy project aimed at making our country independent from Russia.

The film reruns on both stations in mid-Septemberwhen tvN decided on its main broadcast to air Piotr wierczek’s report from “Black on White” which described the manipulation of the Smolensk subcommittee chaired by Antoni Macierewicz.

As reported recently, Marcin Tulicki is preparing the second part of a film about Donald Tusk.

According to data from Nielsen Audience Measurement, in September this year. Info TVP’s average viewership per minute is 283,402 viewers, and the audience share is 5.05 percent, after a year-over-year increase of 25.9 percent.

Telewizja Polska is by far the least credible leading media brand in Poland. In a survey for this year’s Reuters Institute report, only 24 percent expressed confidence in him. respondent (less than in the case of “Gazeta Polska”, “Super Express” and “Fakt”), and distrust – as much as 49 percent.

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