Rats in Oslo:

You may not see it, but according to Fett . vet website to the municipality of Oslo, there are probably at least 88,000 rats in the capital city alone.

Many of them live in sewer networks, where there is one season throughout the year. According to the Oslo city government, it is a good environment for the rats to live there.

– There is good access to food and the rats don’t live in the feces, but on all the leftovers they get through the sewers, the city administration wrote.

Rats can withstand falls from 16 meters and can jump almost a meter vertically. They can climb walls and they can even swim.

Attacking anyone who passes by

Some rats also emerge from the depths, and can appear in cityscapes. In a video on TikTok, we see how they play around in the trash in broad daylight.

A little thought

Communications specialist Lillian Hansen lives in Majorstua in Oslo. He believes there is a large rat problem in the area where he lives, and claims it is due to the shape of the trash can.

MAJORSTUEN: Lillian Hansen wanted a new design for the trash can.  Private photo

MAJORSTUEN: Lillian Hansen wanted a new design for the trash can. Private photo
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– It didn’t take long before I discovered that strewn streets are not the cause of rats. In contrast, the trash can has a poorly thought out design, he told Dagbladet.

Read the Oslo municipality’s response further on this issue!

Want a new design

On his TikTok account, Hansen has shared it videos where you can see mice crawling on the streets and in the trash.

-Dear Oslo Municipality, can we have a trash can with a less mouse-friendly design in Majorstuen, he said in the clip.

Win tens of thousands for killing snakes

Win tens of thousands for killing snakes

Hansen explains that the trash can almost serves as a climbing wall for rodents.

– I also feel a little sorry for the mice. I don’t want them to go hungry, but I hope the Oslo city government can replace these trash cans so we can reduce the rat population.

RATS: Lillian Hansen claims that there are rats living on the benches.  Private photo

RATS: Lillian Hansen claims that there are rats living on the benches. Private photo
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Petter Bøckmann is a zoologist and lecturer at the University of Oslo. He told Dagbladet that rats could pass through narrow nooks and crannies.

– If the hole is as big as a rat’s head, then the rat has successfully entered. Everything other than the pure metal they eat away at, says Bøckmann, adding:

– And yes, there are a lot of rats in Oslo.

– Only a few

Dagbladet has been in contact with the municipality of Oslo. In a commentary, press officer Bård Eion Flaen said that the city government uses this type of trash can in places where the trash can must be of high quality.

– Elsewhere, sealed plastic boxes are used. Of the trash cans we manage at the City Environment Agency, only a few are open bins, said Flaen.

Safari trip ends in murder

Safari trip ends in murder

He said that the bins in Bogstadveien were removed after the original bins were destroyed.

– Then the City Environment Service chose to set up such an arcade here, in the same way that other city actors in the area have done. This is to create the whole, he said.

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