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INCREDIBLE 2021: Karsten Warholm set a world record in the 400 meters hurdles twice last season, winning Olympic gold and the Diamond League final in Zurich (pictured).

Karsten Warholm, 26, told VG he is optimistic about reaching the start of the World Cup in the United States in less than four weeks – with certain conditions.


– All the prerequisites for it are in place, says the Olympic gold winner and world record holder in the 400 meters hurdles.

His coach Leif Olav Alnes insisted that “there are good conditions”. He added that they would do their best to make it happen.

– World Cup within reach?

– I’m really aware that it can go. Divination says that it should be possible. But it’s still hanging a little in the air, that’s clear. It would also be nice if people put me in their evening prayers, Karsten Warholm answered seriously and slightly jokingly.

Alnes pointed out that Warholm must be running at full speed for he is at the starting line in Eugene, where the first half of the 400m hurdles will take place on 16 July.

It has been two weeks and one day since he suffered a muscle injury in the back of his right thigh. It came as he was about to cross the first hurdle in his debut season in the Moroccan Rabats Diamond League competition on 5 June.

Two days later, he was examined by Olympic doctor Tomas Torgalsen, and the next day he went to the Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt clinic in Munich. The German coach is a specialist in this type of injury and has treated a number of international sports stars with good results.

Among other things, the greatest sprint star of all time, Usain Bolt (35). Ahead of the 2016 Olympics, the Jamaican athlete was treated by Müller-Wohlfahrt for a “tear” in the muscle at the back of his right thigh.

After just over a week with Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, Karsten Warholm returned to Oslo last Friday, the day after Bislett’s Diamond League competition – in which he of course had to participate.

– Reservations are important, he stressed after stating that he believes there is a good chance for him as the reigning champion to start the World Championships in Athletics in Eugene on the west coast of the United States 15-24. July.

The World Cup usually takes place later in the fall, in August/September/October. It’s now one to two months in advance due to the pandemic delay and the relocation of the championship. The European Athletics Championships will take place in Munich 15-21. August.

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– It has to be so I can run without fear of injury, if the World Cup is an option, says Warholm – crowned male athlete last year.

As seen now, he and Leif Olav Alnes will travel to Norway’s World Cup prep camp in Berkeley, California about nine days before the start of the championship in neighboring Oregon (a nine-hour time difference from Norway).

He said that the first days of his stay in Germany were mostly about “the body” – i.e. the injury – being given the opportunity for optimal recovery, rehabilitation exercises, including in a water pool, and diagnosis. According to Warholm, his coaches Leif Olav Alnes and Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt quickly agreed “what needed to be done”.

– Leif and Müller-Wohlfahrt found the tone, he said.

– It’s not so bad that it can’t be worked on until the World Cup, he added.

He also says that he’s feeling better now, and that he’s been able to do a lot more training in the last few days – and that “we” (Alnes/Warholm) – are in the process of getting more famous training. Today, Monday, he completed two sessions.

At the same time, he emphasized the importance of Alnes pressing the “brake” more than ever when he himself, with all his passion, wanted to hit the “gas”. He says he has to trust the process.

– Better with minor improvements, than major setbacks. He is the “courage”, I am the “controller”. “We have very good communication,” said Leif Olav Alnes.

– I was fortunate to be well cared for, said Karsten Warholm considering he also received a follow-up from the Olympic Summit medical expertise.

YET: Karsten Warholm during a normal training session – with a weight of 250 kilos – in Vallhall on Christmas Eve a year and a half ago. On the right, coach Leif Olav Alnes, on the left his training partner Amalie Iuel.

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