Real Chat translates real-time messages into hundreds of languages. You don’t even know you’re having fun with strangers –

It’s something like a general communication app (Messenger, WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, etc.), but has something extra. This is an app Real Chatavailable for free for Android and iOS.

The strongest point of this app is real time machine translation. So you can chat with people from all over the world and their messages will arrive on your phone already translated.

You can create multilingual groups in the app, for example with German, English and Polish. When you write a message in Czech, each user will receive a translation into the language of their choice.

A total of 104 world languages ​​are supported. This application was specifically developed for various humanitarian and diplomatic missions abroad and in the future the application will also have a high security regime. Thanks to this, we can see the USAir Force or Google for Startups logo in the “Supported By” section of the project’s website. However, future updates will ensure greater data security.

The principle is simple, all you have to do is register in the application, fill in your phone number, which will be sent to a verification SMS, and then state your name and surname, add a profile photo and state your primary and secondary languages. When registering, you may find a little, if you use a Gmail or Microsoft account to login, all you have to do is wait for the verification SMS to arrive. If you signed up with your own email, you’ll have to wait for the verification email, which takes a long time and sometimes doesn’t arrive at all.

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Name, surname and two main languages. That’s it, Native Chat no longer needed

However, after a while of using the app, we have some opinions about the improvements. After sending the message, a visual revision of the translation will come in handy. However, machine translation is not completely without its drawbacks. For messages sent to your phone, a flag is sufficient, according to which you will know the native language of the original message. This is because the translation may be ambiguous, so an original archive in the original may be useful.

Original Chat Presentation:

This app is still under development, so it doesn’t have full functionality yet. Sharing photos, videos, animated GIFs and links will be added soon. Download Native Chats app for free from Google Play and App store.

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