Rema 1000 allows temporary release of palm oil

The wholesale chain has had zero tolerance for palm oil in its products since 2014. But now there is a shortage of sunflower oil due to the war in Ukraine, the world’s largest exporter of sunflower seeds.

– If a supplier needs to use palm oil, in lieu of the Ukraine war, we will be able to consider a temporary exemption from our policy for a limited period of time, quality manager Martina Rabsch at Rema 1000 told NRK.

Sunflower oil is healthier and more environmentally friendly than palm oil. Food producer Orkla among others will start using palm oil again.

The chain emphasizes that they will only accept palm oil if no other alternative can be used, which provides the same taste and consistency.

– We expect suppliers to first and foremost try to use raw materials other than palm oil as far as possible. In exceptional cases, we will require documentation showing that it is not possible to find another suitable type of oil that does not impair the taste or consistency of the product, Rema 1000 said in a statement to NTB.

If a dispensation is granted, it will only be valid for three months at a time with strict follow-up on suppliers, and Rema 1000 will require that the oil be certified and traceable.

– To this day, this issue is not comprehensive, the food chain reports.

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