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The sun is slowly getting warmer, but spring is still waiting for it in Eastern Norway. Several places have received rainfall in the form of snow in recent days, and at the weekend winter weather hit Western and Southern Norway. In the mountains, few people made it, and the National Roads Administration asked people in Agder and Telemark to leave their cars behind.

Changing weather conditions and freezing temperatures are also a risk in the days leading up to the weekend, said Meteorologist in charge of the Meteorological Institute, Ingrid Bentsen.

Humid and rainy weather characterized Oslo and Eastern Norway on Tuesday. Alternating between degrees of hot and cold can provide challenging driving conditions in the days to come.

– There are plus degrees during the day and minus degrees at night at this time. Such is the case in Eastern Norway this week. Especially south of Mjøsa, the weather can lead to challenging driving conditions, Bentsen told Dagbladet.

The East Road Traffic Center reported extremely difficult driving conditions in parts of southern Norway on Monday afternoon. Do you have photos or videos of traffic problems? Let us know at Videos: Tips
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– Challenging conditions

Meteorologists describe the weather as “typical spring weather”. In addition, there will be large local differences, making it difficult to predict how the roads will be in the coming days.

According to the Norwegian Road Administration, the cut-off point for changing to summer tires is the first Sunday after Easter Sunday. Bentsen recommends waiting for a tire change until the weather changes subside.

– It is not possible to single out a day or a single area that stands out, as it seems now. There will be challenging conditions on the road in places, so stick with winter tires, he said.

The bus was full of snow when the driver got back on the bus. Video: Frank Henriksen. Reporter: Vegard Krüger / Dagbladet TV.
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It’s still winter in the north

According to meteorologists, variable temperatures will affect most of Eastern Norway, but on the coast it is expected to be mostly warm in the coming days.

The northernmost counties, by contrast, will have more stable winter weather also coming into the weekend.

– In the north, cold and winter weather characterizes the coming days. Snow is still expected, so it will be cold, Bentsen said.

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