Requires action: – Serious and urgent

– Kjerkol turned a deaf ear to the warning calls of employees and swallowed whole the unrealistic descriptions of the boards of hospitals and healthcare institutions.

This is what the spokesperson for health policy in Rødt, Seher Aydar, told Dagbladet.

Recently, more and more people are sounding the alarm about the staffing situation in Norwegian hospitals.

Monday wrote NRK that the low staffing at Ahus means the conservation officers here are now doing the same. That was after doctors told how they came home from work crying, hoping they would get sick or be hit with “lesser” injuries to escape the harsh guards.

The problem they share is the same: They can’t stand the stress caused by understaffing.

– Must be cleaned

Now both Rødt and SV are demanding Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol (Ap) take clear steps to improve the situation.

Mass layoffs

– That dead people are common in hospitals. But they die because you don’t have time to do your job or are somewhere else, that’s a big fear, the senior orthopedic doctor at Ahus, Erik Engebretsen, told NRK.

The alarm at Ahus is just the latest in a long series of warnings about the situation in hospitals.

At Ullevål Hospital, 14 of 24 nurses in the thoracic surgery department have resigned in protest at what is described as “long-term frustration and great uncertainty” regarding holiday closures, financial cuts, and the planned merger of several heart and lung departments.

– It is hard to understand that mass dismissals and warning shouts from professionals did not leave the mark on the people most responsible, Aydar told Dagbladet.

He has the support of SV spokesperson for health policy, Marian Hussein.

– The situation is serious and acute, and so far what we have heard is that health workers need to work faster and run faster, Hussein told Dagbladet.

- Multiple redundancies ready

– Multiple redundancies ready

Hussein believed that the screams of the employees indicated that we were in an urgent situation.

– Now we wake up every morning to hear new stories about how demanding it is to work in the public health service. Then the clergy had to come up with a completely different device from what we see today.

– Now is not the time to wait, or send vague requests, we need action and assurance that now it will be better to work in the public healthcare system, he continued.

– Two descriptions of reality

Aydar believes that the employee’s description of the cut, and what is presented to you by management and repeated by Kjerkol, are two very different descriptions of reality.

– While the OUS board spoke of harmonization, profit realization and staffing adaptation, employees responded with mass redundancies and recounted fears for patient safety and too high work pressure, said Aydar.

He believes that trust in Oslo’s hospital management is now wearing thin.

– In the midst of a health workforce crisis, the number one job must be taking care of the people we have. Then we can’t treat them as machines that can be moved at will and run at higher speeds if necessary. Professionals are gold in the hospital.

Right: - Exclamation of the Minister of Health

Right: – Exclamation of the Minister of Health

Pointed to the hospital

Dagbladet has conveyed his criticism in this case to Minister of Health Ingvild Kjerkol, but has received no reply.

He told NTB the following about the situation in the thoracic surgery department in Ullevål:

– This is definitely a demanding situation that has arisen at the Oslo University Hospital, because so many important employees have resigned from the same department.

Kjerkol continued, the case should be handled by the University Hospital of Oslo, which has the responsibility of the employer and responsibility for proper service to the community.

– The hospital should, perhaps in collaboration with Helse Sør-East, find a solution that also provides a good service offer to the population in the future.

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