REVIEW: What Men Want 2. Jiří Langmajer is a woman in a new comedy

So it’s no wonder the creators decided to get back on topic. So, while for the first time a man (Jiří Langmajer) awakens from a hangover in the body of a woman (Anna Polívková), in the comedy What Men Want 2, it’s the other way around.

This time the screenplay was written by Havlík and Filip Oberfalcer, and they first brought to the stage psychologist Irena (Polívková), who was not so successful in her destiny that she wanted to become a man. It happened and he woke up in the face of a man with the face of Jiří Langmajer after a good move.

Unfortunately, these exposures lasted longer than comfortable, especially since everyone knew what they were aiming for. In addition, Polívková exhibits less comedic talent than is usually associated with him, and in the carom scenes of his character’s subsequent life and drunkenness, he is more likely to appear.

The awakening comes when Irena, already with the face of Jiří Langmajer, wakes up in the bed occupied by her neighbor Radim, played by Marek Taclík. We knew from the start that he was in love with Irena, but his feelings weren’t reciprocated in the slightest. However, he was the first to believe that a woman actually hides in a man’s body, and with the hope that this condition would pass, he would begin to help her orient herself in the world of men.

Both What Men Desire films are meant to be modest entertainment based on the physical and mental differences of the two sexes. Of course, this is nothing new in cinematography, just presented a little more vulgarity today than in the past.

The difficulties a woman faces in a man’s body are completely predictable, whether it be simple walking, facial expressions, gestures, hard work on a construction site, or soccer. At times, viewers enjoy, for example, when Langmajer advises other men on how to treat women, but as it all repeats itself, the joke wears off over time.

Langmajer tried his best, but the caricature crept into his acting speech, which Langmajer shouldn’t have done. The film is drawn primarily by the charismatic Radim, played by the natural Mark Taclík, who not only dominates himself as an actor, but the entire character is written in a way that brings humanity and a trace of emotion to it.

What Men Want 2 Czech Republic 2022, 95 min.
Directed by: Rudolf Havlík, starring: Jiří Langmajer, Marek Taclík, Anna Polívková and others

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