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– Delicious, shouted Marte Olsbu Røiseland as he crossed the finish line in Beijing.

The Norwegian star had such an early lead in the hunt that he could only celebrate a few minutes early coming off the last shot. The Froland woman smiled widely and spread her arms in the air before starting the final lap in the thick snow.

Those are difficult conditions today. It’s not easy to walk and you don’t get anything for free. I have excellent skis, and I just have to thank the lubricant in the cabin. They helped me really well along the wayRøiseland told NRK.

The margin of victory was 1.36.5 full minutes for Sweden’s Elvira berg. Tiril Eckhoff finished Norway’s day with an Olympic bronze medal.

SUPERIOR: Marte Olsbu Røiseland had a superb win early in the hunt.


– Women and men overall, Røiseland is the most complete biathlete in the world, exclaimed NRK commentator Andreas Stabrun Smith when Røiseland was in goal.

Eckhoff threw himself onto the Røiseland tribute stone.

Marte did a fantastic race. It was really a very difficult condition. What he achieved today is the definition of the perfect ski race, Eckhoff told NRK.


With the win, the Norwegian athlete clinched her first gold medal hunting for the Olympics on the women’s side. As of Sunday, Tora Berger was closest to silver in 2014.

This is Røiseland’s third gold and fourth medal in as many races at the Beijing Olympics.

You’ve been called the queen of the Olympics and we’re not half way through once. How does it feel?

It’s not something I really focus on. I’m just trying to ski as best I can. Today I had a very good day. To shoot 19 hits with this condition, I’m very happy, he replied NRK.

Tooth decay collapsed – must get help

Eckhoff beat his good friend Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold in the last round by a good margin. Tandrevold literally collapsed on the track and remained in the finish area after the race.

He ended up having to be helped out of the target area.

– First I am happy for Tiril to third place. Then I saw Ingrid, it hurt. But he recovered. Ingrid was taken care of, Røiseland told Discovery.

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics: Biathlon, 12.5 km hunting start for men

BRONZE AND GOLD: Tiril Eckhoff and Marte Røiseland cheer for their respective medals at the start of the hunt.

Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

Difficult conditions

There was a lot of excitement before about the conditions on the biathlon track. Snow falls very rarely in the Olympic city, but on Sundays it snows.

Røiseland, who came out first, had somewhat more difficult conditions than their rivals who were chasing behind.

But Froland’s woman broke through the snow at top speed, at the same time as she handed over the gold on the rostrum, where she missed only once.

Almost the competition for Røiseland and the Norwegian girls is the relay on Wednesday.

Marte Røiseland

OLYMPIC QUEEN: Marte Røiseland has had a wild Olympics so far.

Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

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