Russia and Belarus are not allowed in the Paralympics. The sports world succumbs to the aggressor




Updated 3. 3. 2022 8:28

The national team has refused to play with Russia, international organizations have canceled tournaments on Russian territory, and for example, practitioners of judoka and taekwondo have usurped Vladimir Putin’s position of honor. See how sports institutions have responded to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

OH 2018, Russia, hockey, Vladimir Putin

OH 2018, Russia, hockey, Vladimir Putin Photo: Reuters


International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Monday asked all sports organizations to exclude Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials from international competitions. The IOC thus strengthened its position on the sanctions that Russian and Belarusian sports had to face due to the attack on Ukraine.

Last week, the IOC simply asked international sports federations to postpone or cancel events scheduled for Russia and Belarus. In his opinion, Russian and Belarusian athletes should have the right to start, but without flags and other national symbols.

The IOC is now calling for their full exclusion if legal and organizational circumstances allow international federations and other sporting event organizers with international participation.

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