Russia and China have joined forces against the United States

“Friendship between the two countries has no boundaries. No area of ​​cooperation will be prohibited,” Reuters quoted a joint statement from Russia and China as saying. This further states that the new alliance must be stronger and stronger than any cooperation the countries have ever put together. So did the people from the Cold War.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has come to make a direct cooperation agreement with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

A trench between two worlds

Beijing and Moscow have presented a strategic cooperation agreement at a time when relations between Russia and the West are in one of the deepest crises since the end of the Cold War due to tensions in Ukraine.

Russia, which Western intelligence says on the border, has amassed 100,000 troops with its neighbors, demanding guarantees that NATO will not take Ukraine, and the North Atlantic Alliance refuses to accept such conditions. But Beijing is now defending Russia. Soon after its founding, the newly formed Russia-China Alliance called on NATO to stop expanding.

In addition, the two countries jointly condemned the United States’ efforts to “build a global missile system and enhance military capabilities around the world.”

Billions of shops

However, cooperation between Russia and China should also be based on trade, industrial and technological cooperation between the two great powers, Reuters reports.

Already on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented new contracts for the supply of Russian natural gas and oil to China, estimated at $117.5 billion (2.5 trillion crowns).

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