Russia banned from international sports

FOR A few weeks ago, the Russian men’s national football team was barred from qualifying for the World Cup in Qatar. It was another heavy defeat for Putin’s propaganda sport. But yesterday he had a big win in the same sport:

Until the congress of the International Football Association (FIFA) ended yesterday afternoon, Russians feared the West’s boycott of Putin would spread to their most important sport:

March 31 will be a defining day for Russian football, reported’s premier sports website following the FIFA Congress live.

And who instead saw Putin’s backlash in Russia.

IN Russian media had previously calculated that 158 ​​of FIFA’s 211 member states was enough to exclude the superpower. Tensions rose when Congress barred Pakistan, Zimbabwe and Kenya from other crimes against football.

But Russia’s invasion of Ukraine went free. The case didn’t even come to a vote:

I hope conflict can endFIFA President Gianni Infantino told his mostly obedient members inside the hall in Doha.

Most of the rest of us wish that Russia war end.

But in the sport of football, Infantino was able to quickly achieve the reality he wanted. Not many are as direct as the new president of Norwegian football, Lise Klaveness. On the podium at the FIFA Congress, he told about difference in “conflict“And”invasion».

Without stopping Infantino there and then.

Russian bluff

THAT Russia’s never-coming exception is now being celebrated by the Russian media:

All credit to the FIFA Congress for not considering such a decision. 211 members don’t want to mix sports and politics. This is fantastic progress. They endure the pressure and do the right thing , series Vladeslav Koloskov.

The former president of football is an honorary member of Russian football. A few weeks ago, he accused Poland extortion because the country refused to play a World Cup qualifying match against Russia.

Russia lost in that case. FIFA first wanted Russia to play a World Cup qualifier as a participant only for the Russian Football Association (RFU). That is, without a flag. Then Putin’s friend Gianni Infantino was pressured by war to exclude Russia from all World Cup qualifiers:

It was not an easy decision. We do it for peace, explained Infantino regretted the decision of the Russian state website Ria Novesti yesterday. After all, the FIFA president has received a big medal from Russia for helping Putin before.

And now he may be in the process of prying Russia away from Putin again.

Putin's most dangerous friend

Putin’s most dangerous friend

A NUMBER OF The Russians interpret it as follows:

Hopefully this will be the first step for Russian clubs and the national team to return to international competition, series coach of the famous club Valery Gazzaev.

Infantino’s reaction to the press conference after the FIFA Congress reinforced those expectations:

It was never relevant to exclude Russia from FIFA. I really hope this conflict stops so we can play football againhe told the press:

If we’re not together about football, we better stopcontinued the FIFA president, picking up something theatrical on the ball next to him on the podium:

The ball doesn’t belong to anyone. Everyone’s ballInfantino said to illustrate why the World Cup should be held in all countries and under all possible regimes.

And why does everyone usually have to play; no matter how much they struggle.

Fell on the Putin medal

Fell on the Putin medal

POSSIBLE Infantino’s views are also supported by a majority of FIFA’s 211 members. During the press conference, he was pressured that it was the West that had finally made international football react to the exclusion of the Russian club and national team:

Why is the whole world not treated the same?asked a reporter from Ghana.

We shop everywhere. Based on our conscience, we try to make the right decisionGianni Infantino replied, placing his right hand over his heart to show how throbbing and strong the conscience of football is.

And then it was is it right reason to worry about how long FIFA will maintain this boycott of the Russian team.

- Falls because of his own impropriety

– Falls because of his own impropriety

FOOTBALL clearly divided by value. Exactly meeting our football president Lise Klaveness insult from Arab and Latin America because of him in this FIFA Congress clearly criticized lack of human rights at World Cup host Qatar, opinion is divided on whether sport should care if Russia damages Ukraine militarily.

Where the European Football Association (UEFA) is certain to follow political authorities in Europe, Putin’s friend Gianni Infantino will seek allies. outside western influence.

He has moved to Qatar, and used the occasion with the four million Ukrainians on the run to commend his new Arab homeland for his supposed humanitarian policies towards refugees:

Hwhy are the rich western countries not interested in expropriating the several hundred women and children from Afghanistan that have been taken by the Qatari authorities?Infantino asked rhetorically to the international press gathered in Doha.

Without waiting for an answer.

strike back

strike back

FOR Russia’s international sports boycott remains a matter of illustrating reality. While other top-flight sports depend on financial support from the Olympic movement (IOC) and should therefore follow IOC President Thomas Bach, football can decide for itself.

This sport is very rik that FIFA President Infantino, with the help of alliances outside Europe, might have the opportunity to finally help his friend Vladimir Putin.

MEANWHILE exclusion from Russia was not the determining factor. The important thing is to keep away many of Putin’s propaganda stars and prestige teams. This is where FIFA President Infantino’s feud with Russian nationalism is so dangerous, as it reflects the attitude of future football towards boycotts.

When International Biathlon (IBU) the other day chose to exclude both Russia and Belarus, this is a follow-up to previous actions against two countries that systematically cheated the sport.

That’s the point FIFA President Gianni Infantino is trying to avoid when he talks a lot about “everyone’s ball»:

  • Putin’s sports propaganda has for years abused football and other sports to promote aggressive nationalism.

This abuse should be avoided by sports. Not Russian or Russian.

Disappear from Russia

Disappear from Russia

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