Russia largely supports Russian military action against Ukraine

Subsequent information, including the results of opinion polls, shows that Russia largely supports Russian military action against Ukraine. Some people even showed their support for the war – stressed the spokesman for the coordinating minister for special services Stanisław aryn.

“Further information, including poll results, shows that Russia largely supports Russia’s war against Ukraine. Some even show support for war. Saying that + this is Putin’s war + blurs the picture” – the minister’s spokesman for coordinating services wrote on Twitter on Monday special Stanisław aryn.

Earlier in a series of Twitter entries, Stanisław aryn noted that “in recent days, Russian propaganda has continued the main narrative line directed against Poland and Ukraine.” “The propaganda material now looks more prepared and planned. Russia’s disinformation operations will continue,” he stressed.

“As part of its information activities, the Kremlin created messages designed to destabilize the system in Poland by: intimidating Poland with the specter of World War III; convincing that accepting refugees would be harmful to society; publishing an anti-Ukrainian thesis; polarizing society; threatening Poland + with a response Russia + for supporting Ukraine; presenting Poland as + warmongering +; presenting Poland as + vassal of the US and Great Britain +; accusations + Russophobia + and irrational attitude towards Russia; spreading insinuation that Poland wants annexation of West Ukraine “- said the spokesman for the coordinating minister special services on Twitter.

aryn points out that for years Russian propaganda has treated Poland as “one of the main goals”. “Currently, we can see more and more material being created for the purpose of action against Poland,” he judged.

“Russia’s actions against Ukraine promote messages about: accusing Ukraine of war crimes; innuendo that the military is using civilians as +human shields+; slandering AU society, spreading accusations of hostility towards Russia and atrocities; accusations of Ukraine about Russia’s campaign of defamation, also with organizing + staging + for example in Bucza; distributing accusations that AU soldiers killed those who welcomed Russia; accusations of preparing nuclear, biological and chemical weapons against Russia “- he said.

He also stressed that as part of Russian propaganda “there are also attempts to undermine the successes of the Ukrainian military and manipulate the image of the military operations by exposing + the success of special operations +”. “In propaganda activities, more space is also devoted to promoting Russia by: exposing + humanitarian + aid to the Ukrainian population; ensuring that in the face of increasing pressure from NATO, Russia firmly defends its interests; that sanctions against Russia are unfair and harm especially people West, he said.

“Russian propaganda also reinforces messages pointing to the world’s unfair approach to Russia and attempts to portray Russia as a country discriminated against by the West,” added Stanisław aryn.


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