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According to Russian agency RIA Novosti, whose information is consistent with the Kremlin’s propaganda message, politicians from one of the parties made an unusual proposal in the State Duma. Members of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party – a party which, contrary to its name, have nationalist and radical right-wing postulates – want to change Vladimir Putin’s name.

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“The most important thing is energy efficiency. Only then can they say: Goodbye Putin!”

Russia. Nationalists want to call Putin “ruler”. The word “president” is meant to be “foreign”

According to the deputies’ proposal, Vladimir Putin should be the “ruler” instead of the “president”. As stated by nationalists whose party is recognized as a licensed opposition, the word was first used in the United States in the late eighteenth century for a head of state representing all citizens.

– In our country, by historical standards, this is a new word and until it finally takes root, it can be safely replaced – said a politician in an interview with RIA Novosti. As they add, the word “president” should “always embarrass Russia”.

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In the application, they add that the status of the head of state has also changed, and that Vladimir Putin is elected under the 1993 constitution of the Russian Federation, and unlike President Boris Yeltsin under the Russian constitution. Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. Members of the far-right party added that the word that best reflected Putin’s office was “pravitel”, which can be translated as “ruler” or “ruler”.

In turn, the American edition “News Week“notes that in early 2020 members of the LDPR proposed calling Putin” supreme ruler. “The request was later rejected.

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