Russia suppressed panic, sending in troops wishing to surrender, Kiev said

Our opponents activated several units of the Russian National Guard to apply military discipline and prevent panic among the military personnel of the occupying forces deployed at the front in the Zporosk region. he wrote general tb

According to him, on January 5, in the vicinity of the village of Istopilja, guards shot six soldiers who were mistaken for Ukrainian troops. In December, Ukraine said that 500 National Guardsmen had arrived in the area to strengthen administrative and police control over the country it has so far occupied.

The National Guard is under Russian President Vladimir Putin. Set of about 340 thousand linen. The Kremlin uses it a lot to suppress domestic protests. Its involvement in the war since the start of the Russian invasion, according to analysts, suggests that Russia will perceive Ukraine as a kind of rebellious province, where units will be stationed at the home of the Russian PD to quell resistance.

The killing of Russian soldiers by their commanders and by other means has been talked about since the meeting of the wolves. Moscow allegedly starved and shot members of the Russian armed forces from reluctant Yemeni units.

British military divorce in April he said Russia may start deploying so-called blocking units. They were supposed to cover the retreating troops behind the wheel to force a regional offensive, the British wrote. They added that Russia had used similar executions in the past.

According to orders from Ukrainian forces from Bakhmut, where the heaviest fighting is now taking place, the soldiers can choose between shooting their commanders or being killed when they try to overwhelm the Ukrainian defenses.

Their commander himself told them when they weren’t going. We spoke with prisoners who claim that executions at the front are commonplace for them. Those who refuse to fight will broadcast heart nicknames. Commanders executed them in groups of two or three, a Ukrainian soldier named Mykyta told Rdio Svobodn Evropa.

Commander Rut was notorious for killing his own soldiers during the Second World War, when the Soviet Union attempted to destroy the German army using only the large numbers of soldiers deployed. According to many observers, Russia applied the wolf world’s first methods to Ukraine, and the nature of fear has changed dramatically over that time.

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