Russian pressure hurt the competition in Poznań. Conditions imposed by the federation are “unacceptable” [KOMENTARZE]

On Monday night, the board of the World Fencing Federation approved the calendar of events, accepted the terms and on Tuesday morning in Poznań at a special press meeting, it was proud to announce that the forwards would be fighting in Morasko. Remember – the Russian team has signed a declaration that he did not support an invasion of Ukraine, which, of course, was not approved by Russia and in the media in their country announced just that they will not come to Poznań.

But then behind-the-scenes Russian action followed. The effect is letter from world federation, which reached the Polish Fencing Association last night. On the one hand, it confirmed the competition in Poznań, but on the other hand, new organizational records appeared in it, including information that it was world federations will decide which Russian athletes are neutral, and Poland will issue visas for them.

We got an arrogant letter from FIE that they are the only decision makers who will enter Poland

– said the vice president of PZSzerm, Adam Konopka.

However, the three organizers of the Poznań competition agreed to this they disagree. Adam Mickiewicz University authorities, they don’t want Russians in university halls, the Ministry of Sport won’t agree to issue a visa, and the Polish Fencing Association is already preparing a response to withdraw from hosting the event.

The Polish Fencing Association’s decision to withdraw from organizing the Women’s Foil World Cup in Poznań is fully supported Leszno flower shop coach. Zdzisław Fogt was supposed to be the head of the jury committee.

Zdzisław Fogt said that the provisions imposed by the federation were “not acceptable”.

In my opinion, the decision of the Polish Fencing Association is very correct. I believe that, after the information I received from the general director of the association, about the conditions imposed by the International Fencing Federation, they are unacceptable to us, to Poland. There may have been a lot of controversy, not only in the halls, but also during all the teams’ stay in Poznań

said Fogt.

The tournament in Poznań, which kicks off Olympic qualification, was originally implemented more than 220 flower shops.

“This is the right decision in the spirit of fair play” – said EU Minister, Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, shortly before meeting with the President of Ukraine.

If the Polish Fencing Association does not believe that the verification rules for those who will enter this competition will not cause Russians to participate in this competition – possibly persons associated with Russian propaganda or aggression against Ukraine – and they will not be able to join this competition Ukraine, either , this is the right decision

– said the minister.

The minister announced that if there were any problems, he would be happy to support the activists of the Polish Fencing Association:

For me, I can only say that the Polish Fencing Association can count on my full support if it needs it. If it turns out that this decision has consequences for the association, I have your back and, of course, I will be happy to support sports activists, because they have shown more intuition here than many other sports associations – I think, for example, the decisions of the Olympic Committee International recently, who had such intuition, he did not appear

– said Szynkowski alias Sęk.

“There are those who say that it is necessary to move to an agenda with Russia” – said Bartłomiej Wróblewski, MP for the Law and Justice Party:

It is regrettable that the International Fencing Federation does not accept that there is a regular war going on outside the borders of Poland and that hundreds of Ukrainians die every day. Right now, in many places, in many international institutions, there are those who are saying that we need to move on with the agenda, that we need to continue “business as usual” with Russia. I think this is bad news for Ukraine

MP said.

MP Wróblewski pointed out that willingness is another example of such an attitude Nord Stream I gas pipeline insurance by a German insurance company. He believed that such behavior by the international environment was also unfavorable for Poland, as it could again sacrifice Central and Eastern European interests for the sake of good relations between the West and Russia.

Many fencing federations support the position of the Polish Fencing Association – Sławomir Mocek, a former florist from Leszno, told Radio Poznań.

Sławomir Mocek is in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for the Junior and Cadet Fencing World Championships. I admit it Bulgaria has received information about Poland’s decision regarding the Poznań tournament.

The comment is that we are adamant that Russia does not start in this tournament. Of course, most Americans are on our side. We also know that Germany refused to host the World Cup, which was due to take place in early May, in a botched way. France has also refused to organize such a tournament with other weapons. And this tournament will not be held in Europe. There will be pressure from athletes to prevent Russia and Belarus from competing. I think that’s great. Because it has nothing to do with sports. The sporting aspect of such an event should take precedence over the politics

said Mock.

Sławomir Mocek hopes Poland’s decision will make the International Fencing Federation and the IOC against the entry of competitors from Russia and Belarus into international competitions or tournaments.

Do not agree to compete with Russia – advised the former great judoka, Paweł Nastula. The 1996 Olympic champion participates in the Judo Academy sports camp in Poznań and receives news of the cancellation of the Florist World Cup in Morasko. The reason for Poland’s withdrawal from the competition organization was the obligation to include the Russian team in the so-called “neutral flag”.

Nastula pointed that out especially in combat sports, Russian athletes are associated with the military.

I’m not in favor of allowing Russian athletes to compete, because the majority of Russian athletes support the invasion of Ukraine, so I can’t imagine a situation where athletes from Ukraine have to fight against Russia. Politics, but also money, unfortunately money does its job and some federations bend over backwards and allow Russian representatives to compete. This is very bad and sad, especially when you watch the news from Ukraine and see how many people have died there

said Nastula.

The Florist World Cup will take place in the university hall in Morasko from April 21 to 23. The Fencing World Cup competition will be held in Tunis instead of Poznań.

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