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Such a thesis on the war in Ukraine must be submitted by a teacher during art lessons at the Karol Lipiński School of Public Music level 1 and 2 in Lublin.

Jaroslaw Szewczuk has lived and worked in the city for many years. Together with her husband, they have Ukrainian roots. His son told what he heard during art lessons. Suddenly, at school, he hears things that are not true and cause concern. These are slogans that Russia is Poland’s eternal friend and that she saved our country after World War II, or that the war in Ukraine is the result of NATO and the United States, her mother told TOK FM. Jarosław Szewczuk added that his son was shocked because he knew the current situation, and that after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the family housed the refugees at home on February 24.

Parents write complaints. “Living cliches of Russian propaganda”

It turns out that the student accounts are similar. On May 12, parents wrote a complaint to the school management. 10 people signed it. The author notes that the teacher “grossly goes beyond his duties, talking to students on political topics and causing confusion in their heads with false information. He states the thesis – as if borrowed from a Russian propaganda cliché – that the war started because of NATO and the United States and that the Russian army killed civilians because Ukrainian soldiers were hiding in their homes Poland’s security guarantor.

In response, the teacher apologized for bringing up the topic of war with children, but did not contradict the thesis he had made about it. Then the parents published this matter in the media. The school did not answer the question of whether it would have consequences for teachers. It is not officially known that the teacher will be retiring soon.

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