Russia’s Admiral Makarov claims to have been injured in a massive drone strike

“Admiral Makarov” was commissioned in 2017 and is the third, newest and most modern ship in its class. The ship belongs to the Black Sea Fleet.

The frigate was damaged and presumably out of service after the Ukrainian drone strike over the weekend.

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Swarm of drones

According to investigators, the Admiral Makarov is said to be one of three Russian ships hit on Saturday.

A swarm of aerial and sea drones attacks the Russian Navy. Video clips obtained by The Guardian show how the drones move between the Russian ships.

According to Ukrainian authorities, there is uncertainty as to how much damage Admiral Makarov sustained during the attack. Unconfirmed reports say that the ship’s hull was hit, and the ship’s radar was destroyed.

– False claims

The Ministry of Defense in Moscow claims Ukraine uses nine aerial drones and seven sea drones. They have not yet commented on whether Admiral Makarov was hit.

Russia has also accused Britain of contributing to the Ukraine attack, which Britain says is a false claim.

– To shift focus from dealing with the disastrous invasion of Ukraine, Russia is spreading false claims of UK interference, the UK Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter.

Will withdraw from the deal

According to Russia, several ships in the attacked port are working to transport grain under grain agreements agreed between Russia and the United Nations and Ukraine and the United Nations.

Following the attack, Russian authorities have announced that they will now withdraw from the grain agreement with Ukraine.

The deal has so far ensured that several million tonnes of grain have been shipped out of the Ukrainian port city, despite the war.

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