Ruud meets “idiot” Kyrgios in a heated duel

Casper Ruud and Nick Kyrgios are not a very good and friendly couple. Now the contentious fans meet on the hard surface of the Master 1000 tournament in California – nearly three years after their first and only duel. It ended in scandal and endless vomiting on social media.

COMPETITOR: Nick Kyrgios (left) and Casper Ruud have repeatedly disagreed off the pitch. Now they meet for a duel in California.

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76 million kroner is in the total pot at Indian Wells, where the main arena holds 16,000 spectators. This makes it the second largest tennis stadium in the world. Evening through Tuesday Norwegian time (approximately 03:15) Casper Ruud (23) prepares for the third round after beating American Christopher Eubanks 7-6, 6-2. On the other side of the net: Nick Kyrgios (26), who beat Federico Delbonis 6–2 / 6–2 in the previous round.

The Australian “celebrated” the win over Argentina by leaning against the TV camera and into the lens stating “Did you see that? It’s in his head. »

Ruud is ranked number eight in the world, Kyrgios as number 132.

Almost considered unattractive, the background counts.

It started in May 2019. Ruud played Kyrgios in the second round of the Italian Open. Kyrgios bananas in the third set, throws a chair on the court (pebbles) and is disqualified. Hours later, Kyrgios apologized, on Instagram, and explained the outburst by saying that emotion had won. However, Casper Ruud showed a dismal performance. In an interview, he called Kyrgios an idiot (on the pitch) – and in other words. In short: Not well maintained.

He thought Kyrgyzstan should have been banned for six months.

That’s it, one verbal punch after another.

– Hey, Casper Ruud. Next time you have something to say, I’d appreciate it if you said it directly to me. I’m sure you won’t be so big in the mouth after that. Until then, I’d rather see paint dry than watch you play tennis. So boring, wrote Nick Kyrgios on Twitter.

He added that he understood why the Norwegian had to say his name. It is because no one knows Ruud is playing tennis, according to Kyrgios.

That was three years ago. They haven’t met for a tennis match after that. It was on gravel, Casper Ruud’s traditionally favorite surface. Now on the so-called hard court, Kyrgio’s favorite track deck has blossomed.

Eurosport describes combat as a fight you have to carry.

– It’s time to get some popcorn. Undoubtedly this is the hottest third round fight expected at Indian Wells, write license holder on his site.

One of the reasons why – three years after the uproar of Rome – there might still be some fire in the cauldron was Kyrgios’ reaction when Casper Ruud joined three consecutive gravel titles last summer. Victories at Båstad, Gstaad and Kitzbühel sent him up to 12th in the world. Kyrgios was clearly unimpressed. He thought that the Norwegian was only playing for points, and that it was “pathetic”. Ruud responded – again on social media – by asking a rhetorical question: Which pebble tournament was your favourite?

Kyrgyz: Mora di.

That message deleted they have.

Nick Kyrgios has barely played for two games at the prestigious Indian Wells tournament.

“Mentally, I’ve never felt as good as I am now, to be honest,” he said after beating Argentina’s Sebastian Baez 6-4/6-0 in the first round on Friday.

PS: The match will be broadcast on Discovery + 03.00.

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