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“” After Subwoolfer won the “Melody Grand Prix” final on Saturday, many were hoping for an answer as to who the yellow wolf was. But should they reveal it?

– No, keep the mask! Norway has chosen the right package show at Eurovision with a commercial track, smooth touch and good vocals, says Andy Carlisle of the UK, editor of the Eurovision website Eurovoxx.

– They have created a real “talking ice” and desperate to find out who is hiding behind the mask.

William Adams is the editor of Wiwibloggs, one of the biggest sites for Eurovision fans. He believed that as long as Subwoolfer did not have international star status, it could be an advantage to remain mysterious.

– Staying anonymous can really help them. “Maskorama” – the phenomenon has shocked the world and showed that people like to try to guess, says Adams.

UNIQUE CONCEPT: Andy Carlisle of Eurovoxx believes that the Subwoolfer will get more attention if they keep the mystery.

Photo: Andy Carlisle / Eurovoxx

Carlisle didn’t think anonymity would have anything to do with getting an audience vote.

– Hype and mystery will only create a positive effect. Previous Eurovision artists have appeared with alter egos or as other characters. Just look at the success of previous Eurovision winners like Lordi and Conchita Wurst.


MASK WINNER: The Finnish and masked band Lordi won Eurovision in 2006. Unlike Subwoolfer, the identities of the members are known.


Hiding in Turin

In May, the streets of Turin will be bustling with the international press and Eurovision fans. I wonder if wolves shouldn’t be extra careful if they don’t want to be exposed?

– We don’t think it will be easy for them. Who hides behind a mask is guaranteed to make one of the biggest stories of Eurovision week in Turin. If they manage to maintain anonymity, it will probably only benefit them, even if we don’t envy them, said Carlisle.

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Norwegian club “MGP” president Morten Thomassen believes it is also wise for Subwoolfer to remain anonymous.

– They have created a concept that I think they should implement. This is not a “Maskorama” where they have to take off the mask.

– And if they have to win, they can choose to create a gimmick where they rip their masks off.

Morten Thomassen

CHALLENGE: Morten Thomassen at club MGP thinks it might be difficult for the wolves to hide their identity from the press in Turin.

Photo: Christian Wiik Gjerde / NRK

He also agreed that it could be troublesome for the wolves in Turin.

– Everyone will follow. For many, this will probably be a detective story where the goal is to expose them, Thomassen said.

Adams also believed that it would be difficult to hide from the press, as artists and the press used to live in the same hotel.

– In that case, they have to eat all the food personally. And given the heat, I hope for their part there will be good air conditioning in Turin.

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