Sergej Karjakin with a jab at Magnus Carlsen: – We are not welcome in Europe

ANTI-EUROPE: Magnus Carlsen’s rival, Sergej Karjakin (th) thinks it is positive news that Russia is changing the continent in world chess.

News of Russia’s switch to Asia in the world of chess was welcomed by President Vladimir Putin, while Sergej Karjakin used the opportunity to attack his rival Magnus Carlsen.

Starting May 1, Russia will be part of the Asian Chess Federation – which caused some experts to react.

– This is the right move, said Sergej Karjakin, former WC finalist against Magnus Carlsen, to Russia Championship.

– We are not welcome in Europe, that’s clear. And, for example, the statements of the German Chess Federation and the Norwegian chess player Magnus Carlsen show that at the moment it is almost impossible for us to participate in European competitions, says Karjakin.

VG has been trying to contact Henrik Carlsen – Magnus Carlsen’s father and manager.

WC FINALIST: Magnus Carlsen (TV) won against Russia’s Sergej Karjakin at the World Chess Championship in 2016. The latter is a friend of Putin and has thrown a punch at Carlsen in light of Russia’s move from the European Chess Federation to Asia.

Earlier this year, Magnus Carlsen stated to TV 2 that he found it a little strange playing against Russia every day because the war was on.

– Now that it’s been going on longer, I’m probably even more of the opinion that maybe the Russians shouldn’t be playing. But it’s not for me to decide, the Norwegian chess master explained.

Sergej Karjakin is a friend of President Vladimir Putin and has repeatedly expressed his support for Russia’s war against Ukraine.

– Over the past year, there has been some instability. “They are trying in every possible way, under every pretext, to prevent us from participating in European competitions,” said Karjakin.

Carlsen WC’s opponent from 2016 further said that he knew that Russia would be treated well when they participated in the Asian championships.

– In my opinion, Asia is no worse than Europe, said Karjakin.

FRIENDS: Vladimir Putin and Sergey Karjakin during the opening of a chess school in Sochi in May 2016.

In February, the International Chess Federation (FIDE) accepted Russia’s transition to Asia. Chess experts Atle Grønn and Torstein Bae didn’t think much of it.

FIDE’s president is former deputy prime minister of Russia Arkady Dvorkovich – who is close to the country’s president Vladimir Putin.

The last press secretary Dmitry Peskov has spoken openly about the paper’s Asian transition Championship.

– This is very good news for our chess players and for our association. The transition to the Asian Confederation will open doors for the participation of our athletes, chess players and grandmasters in major international competitions, said Putin’s spokesman.

MICROPHONE: Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, was photographed in connection with a press conference with world champion Magnus Carlsen and recent opponent Sergej Karjakin – a day before they meet for the first match in the WC title fight.

– The decision of the Russian Chess Federation to leave the European Chess Federation and join the Asian Chess Federation is the right decision. This especially benefits our athletes, Russian Minister of Sports Oleg Matytsin told Russian news agencies Scavenge.

The coach of the Russian national team Mikhail Kobalia is very pleased with the change of continents in the context of chess.

– We are generally confident (that the transfer will be approved) because we put forward some arguments that are difficult to argue with. Especially the fact that 77% of Russia’s territory is in Asia. Objectively speaking, chess in Asia is developing very fast. Competition in Asia is higher than in Europe, especially among children, said the coach of the national team Championship.


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