Several Russian soldiers withdrew from Mariupol. They are not directed to Russia – Wprost

Let’s remember: Mariupol, located on the Sea of ​​Azov, from the first days of the war in Ukraine, was the target of a massive attack by Russian troops. After more than two months of fierce fighting, Ukraine’s 10th most populous city has turned to dust. Already in March, Ukrainian authorities warned that buildings in this port city had been destroyed by as much as 90 percent.

Why is Russia so concerned about Mariupol’s arrest? The answer can be briefly summarized – without it, it is impossible to establish land relations between the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula and the separatist republics of the Donbas.

Azovstal building as the last bastion

Currently, the invaders control almost all of Mariupol. The last point of resistance for the defenders of Ukraine was the Azovstal metallurgical plant. Russia dropped bombs and rockets there, although hundreds of civilians were hiding in factory buildings, including children and the disabled.

Last Wednesday, one of the Ukrainian officers issued a moving call to world politicians to organize the organization of a “second Dunkirk” in Mariupol, namely the evacuation of civilians and soldiers trapped in Azovstal.

From Mariupol to Ukraine

As reported by the British news agency Reuters, Russia has just withdrawn some of their troops from Mariupol. The information was provided by an anonymous Pentagon official, namely the US Department of Defense. Unfortunately, the soldiers were not directed to Russia, but moved deeper into Ukraine.

– We are seeing signs of leaving Mariupol by some Russian troops moving to the northwest, although fighting continues in this port city in southeastern Ukraine – reports Reuters.

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