Seznam Television will present a show about cooking or a music competition

“Until the autumn broadcast Television List we will include our own entertainment program with popular faces, we will also expand the program schedule to include a competition format. The program will be complemented by more Czech and foreign films,” said Ivan Mikula, director Television List.

“Due to the audience success of the series Lajna and coach Hrouzek, which we launched on Televizi Seznam at the end of last year, we are also working on the preparation of a feature film. A comedy series from the hunting environment with a great cast is currently being filmed. We plan to launch it in the spring of this year. ahead, and I personally look forward to it. We are also preparing and implementing several other programs that are based on the established original Stream production format, or an entirely new series,” he added.

A fun cooking show with chef Pavlo Berky as moderator will pit sixteen grandmas against each other.

“An interesting, but also fun and entertaining competition will offer a series of fifteen duels, in the end of which we will get to know the queen of the kitchen. A strict jury role will be taken by the stars of Czech show business. In the new program Seznam Television, of course there will be no lack of properly sharpened situations. Viewers will find that, for example, scissors can have very unusual uses or that everyone can interpret traditional recipes in their own way,” explains PR specialist Hana Holubová.


Jukebox Honza Dedek

The new music competition show Honza Dědka Jukebox will test the knowledge of contestants and viewers on screen starting September 18. Are you sure you can recognize a song from a short music sample? Do you know the exact title, artist or even the lyrics? Columnist and music presenter Honza Dědek, together with his colleague Aneta Kratochvílova, will invite not only contestants, but also figures from the ranks of singers, actors and athletes.

my place

For the fifth year now, the My Places program has mapped out celebrity favorite spots throughout the Czech Republic and, in particular, abroad. Starting September 7, actress and writer Jana Bernášková, actor, presenter and voice actor Pavel Zedníček or actor and professor of rhetoric Jan Přeučil with Eva Hrušková will gradually present their place in the premiere.

This program format will be complemented by the My Places Special program which is broadcast from the theater every month on Seznam Television. It will be co-organized by Blanka Kubíková and Roman Vojtek. The presenters will gradually invite a number of characters who have been, or will be part of the filming of the show, onto the board that means the world.


Blanka Kubíková and Roman Vojtek

In the special edition, one can look forward to the vocalist of the Olympic band Petr Widow, actor Jan enský and other important figures of Czech show business.

Foreign movies every Friday and Saturday night

The fall weekend will be under the asterisk. Angelina Jolie as the intrepid Lara Croft, Ben Affleck in Payday or Ben Stiller as Zoolander will appear.

Lovers of great stories will also enjoy Good Will Hunting with Matt Damon, Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale in Equilibrium. There will also be action and family movies like Spy Kids, Asterix and Obelix or Maya the Bee.

Czech films will air every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 20:15.

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