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Former Russian President Dimitrij Medvedev, who now works as deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, has shared an imaginary map on the messaging service Telegram.

On an imaginary map, Ukraine did not exist as it is today. That’s what the Finnish newspaper wrote Iltalehti.

Medvedev made several statements at the start of the war that most of eastern and southern Ukraine would be annexed by Russia.

Strategic mistakes backfire

On Wednesday, Medvedev published an image of Ukraine as Volodymyr Zelenskyj wants Ukraine to look like after the war (image on the left), and as Medvedev claims that Western analysts believe that Ukraine will look like after the war (image on the right).

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On the first map, the borders of Ukraine are almost unchanged, except that the Crimean peninsula is again part of Ukraine. Crimea was annexed by Russia in 2014.

- This is just the beginning

– This is just the beginning

On the second map, Medvedev has divided Ukraine between Poland, Hungary and Romania, although no other country has expressed interest in annexing parts of Ukraine on its own.

According to Medvedev’s scenario, Russia had taken over most of Ukraine after the war. The only thing that will be left of Ukraine after the war, according to Medvedev, is the capital Kyiv.

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