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STAVANGER / OSLO (Dagbladet): Police in Stavanger have received reports of what is said to be an explosion aboard a cargo crane in møyfjorden near Stavanger. Formerly VG who first reported the incident.

– A barge adjacent to the boat will sink. Divers from the fire service, a boat and two helicopters are on the scene looking for people who may have fallen into the water, police wrote.

There must be 275 people in it. No injuries were reported and just after 11 p.m. everyone was reported.

It was an insane explosion, like lightning striking two or three times. I’m not sure what it is, Ommund Vareberg told Dagbladet.

Photo: Ronny Hjerts
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He witnessed the incident near his residence.

At 10:40, police reported that the ship was to be towed in the Byfjord.

– A loud bang was heard earlier. There must be major damage to the tires. The current situation is stable. Police are in the process of setting up a refugee reception center in Dusavika, the police wrote on Twitter.

Task leader Kjetil strått in the Stavanger police force, who hit the Dagbladet on the spot, stated that problems arose in connection with loading and unloading on board.

275 people are still on board.

– We’ve had a dialogue with the captain. All 275 count. Everyone wasn’t hurt. For now, the captain has decided that he wants his crew to board the ship. Then a new assessment will be made if we want to bring them ashore here, when he has an assessment he needs to do there, strått told Dagbladet.

Photo: Ommund Vareberg

Photo: Ommund Vareberg
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Police have received reports of major damage to the main ship’s deck, and are working, among other things, to secure the barge.

– At least to prevent damage related to disposal. The information we have at present indicates that there is very little discharge of oil or other polluting spills.

Criticized for Russian-Ukrainian cooperation

Criticized for Russian-Ukrainian cooperation

– High bangs

Operations Manager Brit Randulff in the Southwest police district she spoke on the Dagbladet call shortly after 11.00.

– I can’t comment on that. What we have been told is that a loud bang was heard. And we have also received information that there must be a steel cable that has been smoked in connection with this incident, he told Dagbladet.

It was too early to say anything about the background of the incident, he said.

– Our first priority is saving lives, in case someone gets injured or someone ends up at sea. But luckily it went well.

A barge attached to a boat floats into the water, police wrote on Twitter at 11.25

– There was substantial material damage to the ship’s deck located near the barge. The accident occurred in connection with a lifting operation, police wrote.

- Increase pressure on NATO countries

– Increase pressure on NATO countries

Mayor relieved

Stavanger Acting Mayor Dagny Sunnanå Hausken (Sp) stated that the city government has not been contacted to provide resources in relation to the incident.

– I think the emergency services are in control. But we are ready to show up if anyone needs help from the team in the municipality, he told Dagbladet.

Sunnanå Hausken was relieved that no one was hurt.

– I’m glad that it doesn’t seem as serious as it might seem, or it seems at first glance.

The ship is owned by Italian oil giant Saipem, the world’s second-largest oil services company.

They also have a subsidiary in Norway. In recent years, the Saipem branch in Norway has suffered from strong headwinds, with a large deficit.

Photo: Ronny Hjerts

Photo: Ronny Hjerts
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The company was able to post a loss of 2.4 billion euros in 2021, which forced the board to present a crisis plan in late March when they presented the results.

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