Siniak has surpassed Hingis. The Czech is flying among the best doubles players in history


09/04/2023 15:11

For months, no one was able to remove Kateřina Siniaková from the dual throne. The Czech, who collects the biggest titles with Barbora Krejčíková, has spent a total of 92 weeks at the world number one post in doubles. At only twenty-six years old, Siniaková was beginning to seriously disturb the historical record.

Barbora Krejčíková, Kateřina Siniaková - Australian Open Final 2023

Barbora Krejčíková, Kateřina Siniaková – Australian Open Final 2023 | Photo: Reuters

Double queen. Domination Kateřiny Siniaková and Barbora Krejčíková in recent seasons it has gotten stronger. The Czechs already have a certain place among doubles legends, together they have won a total of seven Grand Slam titles, having won in the last four Grand Slams they have participated in.

At home, they already have Olympic gold or a title from the Tournament of Champions, and in March they added a major title from Indian Wells, which they still lack in their collection.

Their rampage had real ramifications in the world rankings too. In statistics for the number of weeks in the world number one post, Kateřina Siniaková is fast becoming one of the best doubles players in history. See what personality he has beaten and who is still losing to him.

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