Sint Golberg believed he was let down from a winning chance

Golberg was Norway’s only entry in the final. He looked to be in top form and the favorite to walk away with the win, but then he fell. He himself thought that he had good help from the Italians mentioned above.

The jury disagreed with Golberg. Thus, France’s Richard Jouve won ahead of today’s big Mocellini surprise.

She was in her first final at a cross-country world cup and placed 2nd ahead of Swede Calle Halfvarsson. Mocellini just moved on from the prologue early in his career.

– I felt like I was in second lane at the turn, then someone came and took my lane. “I didn’t feel that I could have done anything else in that situation to stay on my feet,” Golberg told NTB and the entire Norwegian press writing section.


– Do you think the jury was wrong if they didn’t fire Simone Mocellini?

– I was prevented and in no case could I do anything else. I saw the pictures they have and I’m not kidding myself.

– You rarely look cursed when you reach the finish line?

– I’m still angry, but I’m just as angry at myself for not being confident and holding on to the track that I had at the start. Then I thought I could fight to win. I was seven tenths behind by falling.

Goldberg said that he did not feel that what happened was right. That’s why he was frustrated. The 32-year-old athlete is in great shape and knows he can win without any accidents.

– There’s not much else to say other than he cut my line, and it’s annoying because I can’t fight for victory.

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Golberg led the Sprint Cup and overall World Cup after seven of 35 races.

That might be enough for him to settle for 4th place.

– I missed chances to win, and there weren’t many of them all year, said Golberg on the matter.

And it’s totally possible to understand, because the world’s best male runners are not competing this weekend.

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo has a cold and is not participating in Beitostølen.

The Norwegian men’s team have dominated this season, but on Friday only two made it through to the semifinals. Golberg won his quarterfinal game ahead of Even Northug. In the semifinals, Northug was eliminated.

Amund Hoel, Simen Bratberg Ramstad, Håvard Solås Taugbøl, Lars Arne Hjelmeset and Harald Astrup Arnesen made it to the quarter-finals.

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