Sławomir Cenckiewicz’s fractured vertebral fracture

So it is fake news. yes, but only for now. Of course, Mr. Cenckiewicz had been taking part by chance at that point in a disinformation campaign disguised as a TVP documentary series. A series that is simply a primer to the work of commission member lex Tusk. There too, special service documents are treated as dogma, which — as many publicists have pointed out, including journalist Onet Witold Jurasz – is a big mistake. It is also a coincidence that Mr. Sławomir “Now My Participation in the Lex Tusk Commission For Fake News” Cenckiewicz he was already in the archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by that time looking for links to the enemy PiS.

Continuation of the material under the video

A complete fluke in the lex Tusk commission announced today by the Sejm with the PiS vote there was also his close associate, the deputy head of the Military History Bureau. By the way, I wonder which part of the employees of this office is still dealing with military history, and whether there are people working there in the absence of a boss who are busy with their careers in the TVP and in the investigative commission. Because I don’t believe the nasty rumors that the commission is just a drawing and there won’t be any work on it, because the report is ready.

I do not agree with Mr. Cenckiewicz’s assessment of Lech Wałęsa’s activities in the 1980s, but I respect him for his persistence in seeking the truth. I see it as loyalty to the ethics of historians. That’s why I believe the Bureau of Military History is actually a historian’s office – I even gave some of my books brought from America to the WBH, hoping they might be of use to historians.

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