Sleeping Queen. Nosková was a new sensation, but Australia didn’t vote for him and he faced fury

Last year, he only hinted at his abilities on the pitch. In the first week of the 2023 tennis season, he has firmly entered the ranks of the most attractive young stars in the world. At eighteen years old, Linda Nosková is one of the top players, but she is unsure whether she will start in the main competition of the Australian Open.

He played seven matches in South Australia from 31 December to 8 January, and the Czech teenager’s wild run in Adelaide led to his big break. He withstood the tough tests physically and mentally, moreover, he demonstrated a delightful game of tennis.

She flew from qualifying to final, beating two top 10 players in the world, Darya Kasatkina of Russia and world number two Uns Jabirova of Tunisia, adding to the scalp of two-time Grand Slam champion Viktoria Azarenkova, and although she didn’t reach the main title, she fiercely demanded attention of the world of tennis.

The story has formed itself around a new star. The WTA organization’s official Twitter account referred to the Czech as “the fearless Linda” and described her blend of defensive and attacking skills in one of the best exchanges in the final against world number five Aryna Sabalenkova as follows: “Linda Nosková makes you shine.”

On the server, they raved about the “inspiring journey” of the Czech tennis player, whom they described as a sleeping queen.

They highlight the power of his current awakening as well as Nosková’s true love of sleeping.

“Some people say that sleep is for the weak. However, this adage may not apply to professional tennis players, especially Linda Nosková,” wrote the specialist magazine, citing Czech, who explained to reporters in Adelaide how long she could sleep during the tournament.

“I like to sleep. I slept a lot here and now I will take another twelve hours, that will be the best way to recover,” said the tennis player led by experienced coach Tomáš Krupa before the final. also warned that Nosková must avoid a match point in the first round of qualifying against Russia’s Anna Kalinská. She managed to turn things around even in a thrilling battle with Azarenkov.

He battled the experienced Belarusian for three hours, but the next day he still ended the hopes of the world’s second best player in three sets.

“I think if I believe in myself and believe in my game, I can beat some of the best players today,” said the confident Czech after the tournament.

During the week, his ranking rose 46 places from 102nd place. He’s already been closely watched at the Australian Open, but he needs to get past three rounds of qualification to the main competition. After the whirlwind of matches in Adelaide, he had practically no rest.

Organizers of the season’s opening Grand Slam had one last chance to put Nosková in the spiders for the first round at the weekend, when injured legend Venus Williams opted out.

However they did not give a wild card to the new 56th ranked player and chose domestic Kim Birrellová, up to the 166th ranked tennis player. On social networks, the organizers are now being heavily criticized for this decision.

“A world player of the 60s has to play the qualifiers. Crazy,” wrote tennis journalist José Morgado. “Obviously Nosková should have taken the card,” said Tumaini Carayol, tennis editor of The Guardian.

Ben Rothenberg of the New York Times described the organizers’ controversial decision as a “missed opportunity”.

At the same time, some angry fans under the Australian Open heading pointed out that the Czech won the hearts of the crowd with her attractive performance in Adelaide.

In one week, for the first time in his career, he beat a top ten player in the world, and a few days later also became a top five player in the world. She became the youngest WTA 500 tournament finalist since 2008, when Danish rising star Caroline Wozniacki played for the title in New Haven.

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