Snow mess in Eastern Norway: – – Very heavy rainfall

On Tuesday, there were major traffic problems, canceled flights and public transportation problems due to the snowy weather.

What was for many in Eastern Norway a sweet precursor to summer, quickly turned around, and became sour in retrospect, marked by coldness, recklessness, and procrastination.

According to country meteorologist Tone Christin Thaule, luckily there is better weather for those living in Eastern Norway.

He said that rainfall was now moving north and northeast.

– All precipitation is northward, and tonight is along the Swedish border, said Thaule, which also suggests that snow could continue to fall on the northern tip of Eastern Norway throughout the day.

PROBLEM: Snow caused air traffic delays at Oslo Gardermoen Airport. Photo: Javad Parsa/NTB
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Unusual for April

– Upgrades are on the way, of course! It is estimated that the north wind, and the clouds will gradually decrease. There may also be periods of sunshine, says Thaule.

Country meteorologists said that in the last 24 hours there had been a lot of fresh snow in several places in Eastern Norway.

– In Bjørnholt in Oslo, there has been 30 centimeters of fresh snow since yesterday. Yesterday it was 30 centimeters, and now it is 60, says Thaule.

At Einavatnet in Veste Toten, 50 centimeters of snow have fallen in the last 24 hours, write Meteorologists Twitter.

Thaule said that the Meteorological Institute on Tuesday morning put Oslo on a yellow danger warning for snow, due to lower-than-expected temperatures.

It's snowing again in Eastern Norway

It’s snowing again in Eastern Norway

Although many were surprised Tuesday morning, Thaule said that this type of weather change was not normal for April.

– April is an ordinary month when you can get a shift like we have now, from summer to winter in a week. But there has been unusually high rainfall locally in the Eastland area, said Thaule, which could reveal that the weather is now heading for better weather.

– Precipitation occurs at night, and after that there will be a little rainfall. There might be frost at night, and the temperature won’t be like summer, but at least there won’t be snow, says Thaule.

Rainfall record

Along with the snowfall, rainfall records have been broken in several places in Eastern Norway.

At Blindern in Oslo, 34.5 millimeters have fallen, the most ever recorded in 24 hours this month. Record amounts of rainfall also occurred at weather stations in Hakadal, Ringsaker, Lunner, in Toten and Hønefoss.

The same thing happened further south, at Askim, Rygge, Råde, Fredrikstad and several other places. In Melsom in the municipality of Sandefjord, more than 60 millimeters of rain fell.

Where the precipitation comes as snow, and where it falls, is not immediately clear from statistics.

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