Space Tail pays homage to the animal that brought humans to the stars

Full name Space Tails: Every Journey Leads Home is a newly introduced 2.5D platform game where we take on a dog hero named Bea. With that according to developer from Long Term Game we will have an epic adventure and meet more or less friendly creatures. The Warsaw-based writers also call their first work a story of self-knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

According to Polish developers, they were inspired by games like Ori and the Blind Forest, In, limbo or Journey. The title relies on three main mechanics. The feelings that are very characteristic of dogs, relationships that you will deepen through dialogue adapted to the nature of dogs, and lastly, friends. There will be two – Comet Rose and Robot 8088Y. They will accompany the bitch most of the time and help her, as well as the players, to solve the puzzles. They also affect the end of the game.

“Space Tail should be fun, but also make players think, because it’s not a simple story about a dog in outer space. It’s our tribute to every animal that took people to the stars, and our journey to a time when we each played retro platformer,” said the producer Robert Ogłoziński.

Its release is slated for fall this year, with players waiting computer and Nintendo Switch.

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