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On August 6, the sports president published a post on Facebook, in which he shared several pictures and one video from the Norwegian Cup.

In addition to the Personal Protection Act, which Becomes enforced by the governing authorities, the Norwegian Sports Confederation (NIF) agrees new guide for flow sports for children and youth. The guidelines, which came into effect at the end of June, were adopted by the sports council.

It states, among other things, that “it can’t be saved or Becomes distribute films of sports activities using social media and other open channels».

A few days after Kjøll published the video, it was removed. The sports president claims to NRK that the video clip was recorded “at a good distance from athletes playing soccer so that children cannot be recognized».

In “border countries”

The NIF stated that the sports president is busy with Arendalsuka and therefore unavailable for an interview with NRK. Therefore Kjøll has given a written answer through the sports association.

“When I was told that small video clips could still be in border countries when it comes to the current legal framework, especially privacy regulations, I chose to remove the video,” Kjøll said in the statement.

FOR CHILDREN AND YOUTH: Kjøll shared a video from the Norwegian Cup, which is a soccer tournament for children and youth.

Photo: Tor Erik Schrder / NTB

NRK has seen the screenshot of the video. The sports president was apparently yards away when he filmed the boys.

How can a sports president determine that children cannot be identified?

It’s based on self-assessment. Because I knew that the content might be in border countries, I chose to delete the video clip immediately, Kjøll said.

The sports president said he did not get approval prior to publication because he thought the athletes could not be identified.

The NIF Guidelines state, among other things: “Must not be stored or Becomes distribute sports films using social media and other open channels.” Isn’t publishing on Facebook a violation of these guidelines?

Yes, to the extent that children can be identified, and consent has not been obtained, this would be a violation of the guidelines, the sports president said.

– Boom

NRK sports commentator Jan Petter Saltvedt reacted to the publication of the video, and thought it indicated that there was a need for a decision to be made by the sporting board regarding new guidelines in this area.

Sports commentator at NRK, Jan Petter Saltvedt.  Photo: ALEM ZEBIZ / NRK

CRITICAL: NRK sports commentator Jan Petter Saltvedt.


Therefore, he also believes that the sports president should stand out as a better example of the guidelines he gave in June.

Here, the sport’s president has failed and failed to understand or wasn’t sufficiently interested in his own decisions, Saltvedt said.

If this is a violation of the guidelines, how big of a violation is it really?

Everyone can get carried away, and one of them will be carried away by the excitement of the sport, by the children and by the enthusiasm involved. It was then that one had to have the realization that Berit Kjøll, along with several others, clearly did not. The difference between him and others is that it is part of his presidency’s responsibility to lead by example, Saltvedt said.

– Will be extra conscious

The NIF itself states that the new guidelines “have been established as a result of the clear desire of sport and some other actors in society for a tightening of current practices, where people see that children and youth are increasingly exposed to uncontrolled filmmaking and distribution. , far down in the age group”.

The Norwegian Cup shows matches for children aged 15 and over, and in the play-offs some matches for children aged 13-14 are shown in play-off A.

Secretary General Pål Trælvik informed NRK that all broadcast teams had received filming and publication, and all teams had been asked if they objected to filming/photographing.

“Ekebergsletta is a public place, and the Norwegian Cup is a public event. Therefore, photos and videos will be taken during the event, but the Norwegian Cup follows the privacy laws applicable in Norway, and in addition to the sporting guidelines in terms of photos and videos”, Norway Cups kata website.

The sports president said he did not know how old the children referred to in the video were.

Of course it is very important for all of us to be aware of this and not to post pictures and videos of events that are recognizable to children. Instead, the point of the new guidelines on streaming children in sports is that we must gain control over uncontrolled filming and distribution, Kjøll said in a written statement.

“This is certainly something I will also be aware of the next time I visit a sporting event,” he added.

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