Spotify launched a number of new features

A new version of the mobile app with much better user-friendliness – including a dedicated DJ with AI technology. Otherwise, there’s nothing new about Hi-Fi or Spatial Audio.

09.03.23 – 10:17

At its annual launch event Streaming In 2023 last night Spotify announced a number of new features. This concerns the latest version of the mobile application for Android and iOS, in which many steps have been taken to improve user-friendliness.

– This will be the biggest change Spotify has made since we launched the mobile version ten years ago, said Spotify CEO Daniel Ek during the opening of the Stream On event. (Photo: Spotify)

The home screen will be new

Spotify has redesigned the home screen in its app, the aim of which is to make it easier to find new music or video content. The new home screen has a vertical scrolling feed that can resemble a cross between TikTok and Instagram, where you browse through photos and video clips in search of new content.

Spotify has been investing heavily in podcasts, audiobooks, and live music shows recently, and it’s clear it’s going to be looking to be more than just a music app. Podcasters now get an autoplay function where the next podcast episode starts automatically, in addition to a preview function where you can hear excerpts from each episode. Another new feature is Smart Shuffle, which mixes relevant songs into your existing playlist. You can also discover new music using hashtags.

Spotify is also introducing AI DJ – your own personal DJ – which generates playlists automatically using AI technology, based on what you have previously listened to and liked. AI DJ has been in beta testing among US and Canadian users for a while, but is now being rolled out globally.

In contrast, nothing was mentioned about higher-resolution Hi-Fi sound, or so-called room-adapted sound (Spatial Audio) during the event. It’s clear that Spotify focuses more on ease of use than on absolute sound quality.

New updates to the Spotify app are rolling out continuously, but it’s currently unclear when and if any of the new features (eg AI DJ) will roll out in Nordic. Some new functions are for Premium subscribers only.

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