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Cross-country skier Kristine Stavås Skistad chose to continue her endeavors outside of the national cross-country team. His advisor confirmed this to NRK.

– This is basically a choice made entirely by Kristine herself. The scheme he had been following for the past year had worked very well. He has people following him closely several days a week, that’s probably something he can’t get enough of in the union, says Per Ola Gasmann.

Before VG who first mentioned the problem.

Stavås Skistad signed himself Instagram that he “continues to invest in the club”. NRK has not been able to get a comment from him, but told VG he had the following to say about dialogue with unions.

– We had a good conversation and we all agree that this is the best solution for me next season. We agreed on that and there was a good tone and no bad mood,” Skistad told the paper.

SPRINT STAR: Kristine Stavå’s Skistad has distinguished herself as one of the world’s best cross-country sprinters this season.

Photo: Lise Åserud/NTB

This is how Bjervig describes the election

Cross-country manager Espen Bjervig said that the national cross-country team and Stavås Skistad agreed to the decision.

– In recent years, Stavås Skistad has had a good plan and good development at Konnerud IL. He will continue this coaching work at Konnerud next season as well, said Bjervig and continued:

Aspen Bjervig


Photo: Rodrigo Freitas/NT

– We have a good dialogue with him and the team. The important thing is that Kristine continues to develop well to become the best skier possible. Because of this he is not being offered a national team place in the Kvinner Elite now. Kristine has set a targeted plan in which she continues her work to develop further as a skier in the club environment in Konnerud.

Experts welcome the election

Stavås Skistad has just had a stellar season. He won five World Cup sprint races, including at his home track in Drammen.

NRK cross-country expert Torgeir Bjørn supports the choice that has been made.

Torgeir Bjorn (2)

EXPERT: Torgeir Bjørn.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad / NRK

– That’s smart! With the plans he has at Konnerud together with the coach, he has made impressive progress last season. There are many reasons to continue with the plan that has so far lifted him to become the world sprint champion.

Do you think the ski management wants him in the national team?

– It might be useful for other runners in the national team to take him to some meetings. But the most important thing was that he was allowed to continue on his path now. It’s also good that the Ski Association gave him the opportunity to refuse to join the national team, said Bjørn.

Did not develop in the previous national team

Gasmann also believes the cross-country star has made a good choice.

– It’s about the fact that it worked really well this year. He was in the recruiting national team for two years, and in that time he was not successful. He was an athlete who had to train a little differently to a completely traditional cross-country athlete, said the adviser.

He emphasized that there was a desire from both parties, Skistad and the association, to achieve good cooperation in the future. Skistad has big ambitions to continue competing in the World Cup for Norway next season.

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