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– Another 15 percent. The territory of Ukraine was taken over by Russia. A region similar to Portugal, the head of the North Atlantic Alliance said in a speech.

“Putin has failed miserably in terms of his strategic goals,” added Stoltenberg. He also said that NATO is not a party to the conflict, but supports Ukraine in its right to defend its territory.

– Ukraine has the right to reclaim the land occupied by Russia – continued the head of NATO and called on Russia to end the war. “Putin is responsible for releasing him,” the Alliance head said. Stoltenberg called on all countries to reject “blatant attempts at territorial conquest.”

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During a meeting of opposition leaders, Tusk comments on the NATO summit in Madrid

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Putin announces annexation of occupied territories in southern and eastern Ukraine

Russian President Vadimir Putin announced on Friday afternoon the annexation of occupied territories in southern and eastern Ukraine. The pseudo-referendum on the annexation of Ukrainian lands to Russia began on September 23 in the occupied oblasts of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia. Voting on this issue was carried out under pressure from the election commission and the Russian army, and continued until September 27.

Russia annexed part of Ukraine. US and UK impose further sanctions

Ukraine asks for accelerated entry into NATO

President Volodymyr Zeenski On Friday, he signed an application for expedited procedures for his country’s entry into NATO. He informed about it after the end of the meeting of the Security Council and the National Community of Ukraine. The Ukrainian leader also described today’s announcement in the Kremlin to annex more Ukrainian territory as a joke.

The Ukrainian president stressed that his country has been defending Europe against Russia for months and is actually an ally of the West. As he noted, Ukraine has de facto reached NATO and has demonstrated that it has achieved the standards of the North Atlantic Alliance on the battlefield and in all aspects of cooperation. – We help each other and we defend one another. This is an alliance, stressed the Ukrainian president. As he noted, today Ukraine filed for de jure recognition of this alliance. According to the procedure in accordance with the importance of Ukraine in defending society.

Ukraine.  On Friday, September 30, 2022, a series of explosions occurred in Russian-occupied CrimeaExplosions in three cities in Crimea. Then Putin spoke

Zelenskiy stressed that he understands that to get his country into NATO, a consensus is needed from all its members. As he notes, before this happens, Ukraine may be included in the Kyiv Security Compact program. As he said, it is a document developed in Kiev and presented to Ukrainian partners on security in Europe.

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