Strong sting before the day of victory

Ukraine claims to have sunk a new Russian ship in the Black Sea.

On Saturday, the Ukrainian army published a video of what it said was a drone strike on what it claimed was a Russian landing craft.

It was just a few days before the big victory day in Russia. May 9 is a symbolic day for Russia, celebrating the victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Ukraine claims that the attack on the Russian landing craft was another setback for Russia ahead of Victory Day, and came with a stab at Moscow:

– The victory parade for the Russian Black Sea Fleet on May 9 was held near Slangeøya – on the seabed, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense wrote on Twitter.

The attack on the ship has not been confirmed by independent sources, and the video published by the Ukrainian army has not been verified.

In mid-April, the Russian warship “Moscow” sank after being hit by a Ukrainian missile attack, which allegedly angered President Vladimir Putin.

On Friday, Ukraine also claimed to have sunk another important ship, the frigate “Admiral Makarov”, which Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov denied.

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