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– I can’t see the propaganda broadcast, but I got it with me. It really hurts, and there’s some 1938 vibes from Germany. It’s sad that the world is like that again, says Norwegian biathlete Sturla Holm Lægreid.

The event carried the slogan “For a world without Nazism” and was held on the eighth anniversary of the annexation of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula.

President Vladimir Putin spoke during the celebrations, nationalist songs were sung and paramedics received medals for their efforts during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

– I don’t have a special relationship with him, and at least I won’t have anything to do with him in the future, said Lægreid.

– This is very surprising, first and foremost. These are the people you meet and talk to, Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold told NRK.

SHOCKED: Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold.

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Tandrevold thinks it’s a “sin” and admits he doesn’t know what the future holds. At the same time, he did not want to rule out that he would speak to Gubernayev if he saw him again.

– I don’t think you change other people’s opinions and mindsets by closing them down. I think the best thing to do is talk to people.

– There’s a lot we can’t see

Gubernayev goes by the nickname “voice of biathlon” and comments about it and cross-country skiing for MatchTV, as well as that he took on the role of program manager for NTV and acted as adviser to the state media director of the Rossija channel.

Nearly 700,000 follow TV profiles on Instagram.

While officiating the event, she wore a St. George who was shaped like a different «Z». The letter was used as a symbol of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

St. Ribbon Black and orange georgs were often used as symbols of victory in World War II, but are increasingly being used in connection with the war in Ukraine.

The symbol was banned in Ukraine in 2017.

Dmitry Gubernayev leads Putin's war marker in Moscow.

CONTROVERS: Marija Sittel (left) and Dmitry Gubernyev (right) lead the event in Moscow. In the background are paramedics in the Russian army, Marija Miroshnitshenko and Yekaterina Ivanova, who were awarded the prize for their efforts to save lives during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Photo: TASS / Sipa USA

– I think he is a very good person and a good journalist, but I think there are a lot of things that we can’t see. We grew up in a free country and were very lucky with that. I don’t think we can compare,” Tiril Eckhoff told NRK.

He said he wasn’t surprised, but at the same time thought it was difficult for a reporter in his situation to say no to leading such an event.

Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen said that this was “low-shoe propaganda”.

I probably never thought I would meet him again or fight a Russian. It looks ugly, considering how few individuals and sports have put up with what happened. But we have to understand that they have slightly different views on freedom of expression in Russia, and we don’t know if they have a choice, the biathlete said.


PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA: Vladimir Putin was introduced by Dmitry Gubernayev to great cheers. Here he stands in front of the “Z” which has become a symbol of the patriotic war in Ukraine.


– Don’t welcome back

Tarjei Bø believes that Russia has no reason to complain about exceptions when they participate in such events.

– I don’t think they understand it yet. They complained that they weren’t allowed to participate and were banned, but when they didn’t understand and didn’t clearly distance themselves, they weren’t welcome back in my eyes, B said.

IBU Secretary General Niklas Carlsson also believes that this is a sign that the exclusion of Russia and Belarus is correct.

There are a few issues we can comment on. I think it shows that excluding Russians worked. Putin was forced to arrange this. He (governor) is a big profile in Russia, so it’s hard to see, IBU’s boss told NRK.

The event led by Gubernayev commemorated the “reunification” of Russia and the Crimean peninsula on March 18, eight years ago, the date on which Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea. The guest list included famous sports heroes such as Alexander Bolshunov, a number of artists, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Patriotic songs were sung and the Olympic heroes were hailed with the national anthem and rapturous applause from those in attendance. Reports say that nearly 100,000 gathered at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow to attend the event. Besides, there were a lot of people outside. The figure has not been verified.

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