Sweden sends more troops to Gotland

To Aftonbladet The Swedish defense confirmed that several military transports were on Swedish roads on Friday evening, but they would not confirm where they went.

Today’s news reported that more than 100 troops landed at Visby in Gotland on Friday night. In recent days, an ever-increasing mobilization of Swedish military personnel has been observed on a strategic island in the Baltic Sea.

– Contingency adjustments

Russia’s mobilization on the Ukrainian border and rising tensions between Russia and NATO have seen Sweden’s defenses increase their visible activities, including in Gotland. The Armed Forces calls this a contingency adjustment.

Based on Aftonbladet tanks and other military vessels have also been observed in the port of Visby.

– This has to be seen in light of several years of deteriorating security situation in our immediate area. Recent developments have not made it any better, Michael Claesson, head of operations in Sweden’s defense, said Thursday according to NTB.

– People will see more military personnel

On Wednesday evening, three Russian landing craft sailed into the Baltic Sea. Swedish troops monitor their journey from the sent fighter jets.

Claesson stated on Thursday that Russia’s activity in the Baltic Sea should not be over-dramatized.

– We are present in several parts of the country and not only in Gotland. On the other hand, it was clear that one would notice that there were more military personnel than usual in Gotland. But you’re probably used to it, and we have a good relationship with the locals, says Claesson.

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