Aguascalientes: A state full of places to discover

Iglesia de Aguascalientes al atardecer

If you are considering taking one of the flights to Aguascalientes, but you don´t really know what you can find in this small but great state, then we will give you a little guide of the place, so you can convince yourself to visit this tourist destination where you can relax and escape of the routine.

Andado turístico Calvillo en Aguascalientes

The State of Aguascalientes is located right in the geographic center of the Mexican Republic, the name of this city is given by the thermal waters on which it is located, which are also a tourist activity for all ages. Some are still in operation and open to the public for their enjoyment, providing benefits to physical and mental health due to their natural properties. Thanks to its geographical location and size, Aguascalientes enjoys a wide variety of activities and although more than one may come to think that there is not much to do here, to know more about the place we can see that it has much more to offer.

Although it is a small state, Aguascalientes has three magical towns, all no more than an hour by car or truck from the city center, each one focused on a specific type of tourism and with activities for the whole family.

The magical town of Calvillo

Famous for its ‘chamucos’, a sweet bread of texture between soft and crunchy, its exquisite guavas, as well as the food, liqueurs and drinks derived from it, because thanks to its location and climatic conditions this fruit that turns out to be the badge of Calvillo, abounds in the region. Here you can also enjoy nature in its dam where one can relax in the multiple places that offer temazcal service.

Real de Asientos

Another of the magical towns of Aguascalientes, where you can find underground tunnels of 60 meters in length, which you can visit to admire paintings from the colonial era. Since then they have been kept underground, some even from the eighteenth century, in addition to enjoying these cultural attractions, the place has tours to some historical sites, such as the famous “Casa Larrañaga”, old house that came to belong to one of the founders of the town. Another of its attractions is an elevated aqueduct that also dates back to the 18th century, made of stone that remains firm until these days.

Vista de Real de Asientos en Aguascalientes

San José de Gracia

This will be your favorite place if you want to find tourist activities related to adventure, since its main attraction are its ecotourism activities. Since here you can venture into boat trips, launch from a zip line in the adventure park “Boca de Túnel” or just walk the cold mountain range and its ranches with beautiful views and unique sunsets that both distinguish Aguascalientes.

Due the towns are quite close to the capital of the state, it is highly recommended to stay in this to be able to make the most of the flights to Aguascalientes and travel each of them while we also travel the city and fall in love with this colonial city.


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