CMI: Human quality and commitment

CMI generates a positive and committed work environment

Corporación Multi Inversiones CMI arose from the dream of a great visionary, Juan Bautista Gutiérrez. They have positively impacted the communities where the company has operated for over 100 years through its history of innovation and development for Guatemala and the Central American region. 


Its collaborators have been the force that unites them to transcend. The company constantly thanks their collaborators, friends and others related, for their support in writing this story.

CMI division

The corporation has two large business groups: CMI Alimentos and CMI Capital, whose objective is to create a sustainable impact through green bonds in the communities where they operate, offering excellence and quality in their products and services.


Because of that, they became a benchmark for growth and development in the Central American region. With a presence in more than 14 countries, particularly in Central America and the Caribbean.


As a family-owned company, it is led by the third generation, with Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga as Chairman of CMI Alimentos, and his cousin Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, as Chairman of CMI Capital .


Together with José Gregorio Baquero CEO of CMI Alimentos and Enrique Crespo CEO of CMI Capital. Along with Juan José and Juan Luis, they lead a team of more than 40 thousand employees. Under a solid organizational culture, based on the values: responsibility, excellence, integrity and respect. 

Work environment and human quality at CMI

Promoting values

Their commitment is the human talent towards the company and an executive team. Therefore, clear leadership and direction allows CMI to diversify and become a leader in all its businesses.

Thus, achieving sustained value for its shareholders, consumers, clients, suppliers, collaborators and the community.


At CMI, personal and professional development of collaborators is one of the keys to success in the operation. Chairman Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga personally tracks this task.


Every action promotes the corporate values ​​of the company. Generating a positive and committed work environment, where everyone contributes every day.


In conclusion, these principles are also transferred to the communities where the corporation is present. With CSR programs focused on helping to improve people’s living conditions, generating development in the short, medium and long term.

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The history of the Bosch Gutierrez family

Familia Gutiérrez Bosch

This family is known for running Corporación Multi Inversiones together with great figures, such as Don Juan Bautista or Juan Luis Bosh Gutiérrez. Always supporting the Guatemalan economy, The Bosch family are an example of success. In this article, we tell you the story of the Bosch Gutiérrez family.

Facts about this Family and CMI

The Gutiérrez Bosch family is one of the most successful and well known families in Guatemala. Its notorious history dates back to the second decade of the last century.

The investment made by this company contributes to the economic and social development of Guatemala and the Central American region through the employment opportunities it generates. It also promotes social programs for its collaborators and maintains a commitment to the community.

Don Juan Gutiérrez laid the foundations of the company based on the principles and values with which he always lived, something that has contributed to the growth of the company.

The presidency of the business conglomerate has been alternated and shared by Dionisio Gutiérrez and Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez, grandsons of Don Juan Bautista. They have been at the head of the consortium’s board of directors, since a family accident forced them to take charge of the family patrimony at a very young age.

In 1963, Juan Bautista Gutiérrez founded Molino Excelsior, generating another source of work for Guatemalans. 55 years later this place has functioned as a wheat and cereals development company, through the production of wheat and corn flour, pasta and cookies.

Pollo Campero

CMI’s growth continued thanks to good management and family strategies that allowed them to develop and improve their products, which is why in 1964 they entered the poultry market with the foundation of Granja Villalobos in Guatemala.

After seven years of this, Pollo Campero was born, the first fried chicken restaurant that has become an icon for Guatemalans nationally and internationally. The chain generated hundreds of administrative and operational jobs with more than seven thousand collaborators.

Corporación Multi Inversiones ventured into the world of construction, which increased employment opportunities for more employees, in addition to contributing to urbanization and housing projects.

Years later, in 2004, the family corporation founded the Energy Business Unit and two years later began the expansion of Pollo Campero Restaurant to the United States, Europe and Asia.

Totonicapán and the origins

It all began in San Cristóbal, Totonicapán, when Don Juan Bautista Gutiérrez, a Spanish citizen, immigrated to Guatemala with his parents. It was in this place where the first business of the Gutierrez family was founded in 1920.

Don Juan Bautista Gutiérrez became one of the most successful businessmen in the history of the country. He was the one who made the store founded by his father Dionisio Gutiérrez grow. It was a small business that provided supplies to the inhabitants of the town, and with the passage of time it was extended to other areas.

At that time, they did not have any hired personnel, and it was Gutiérrez himself who ran the business.

Juan Bautista decided to buy the business that his father, had established without knowing that it would be the beginning of a successful business empire throughout Latin America, today called Corporación Multi Inversiones.

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The values of Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga

The values of Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga

Twitter is a social network that works as a huge instant library of human thought. In it, people primarily express their opinions, values, beliefs, get news and network.

In business, the presence of executives in this social network fulfillsthe humanity behind those businesses.

The important businessman Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga, from Guatemala also uses his Twitter account as a space for opinions that highlight his values ​​and priorities.


Juan Jose Gutiérrez’s values and beliefs through his Twitter posts.


“El amor en caja” initiative

Half of the most popular tweets by Juan José Gutiérrez are related to the El Amor en Caja initiative. A permanent solidarity program.

Corporación Multi Inversiones, an organization in which Juan José Gutierrez holds the position of chairman in the food division, was one of the 5 companies that supported this initiative from the beginning.

With this program, Guatemalan families in vulnerable situations remain supplied with food and basic inputs during the crisis caused by the global pandemic of Covid-19.

Solidarity values with society

Recently, several CMI Foods brands were recognized for remaining in the top of mind of Central Americans.

One of the reasons why the organization stands out is because it is recognized as one of the most supportive, which has shown more forcefully than ever now that the pandemic has hit the societies in which it is present with force.

Stay at home

CMI’s chairman has also shared relevant information about the importance of staying home, when it was more important than ever. So to limit the Covid-19 expansion in his country.


The sense of humor

So, not everything is serious. The sense of humor is also important to balance the different areas of the personality. Juan José Gutiérrez made use of his charisma.


Family values

Recently his aunt, the renowned Guatemalan businesswoman and philanthropist, Isabel Gutiérrez de Bosch, passed away. Her farewell message also included the reaffirmation of her commitment to continue promoting the social works that she directed for so long.


His tweets reflect what is important for him, and other audiences within the platform. It is the point where his message connects with people and where there is the value that he can add with what he transmits.

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CMI invets in shopping centers

CMI invets in shopping centers

Corporación Multi Inversiones, also known as CMI, is preparing the expansion and remodeling of five projects in Guatemala.

Almost ready. Pradera Zacapa, in the eastern department of Zacapa, will be inaugurated in November. It represents an investment of $15 million for a 69-store commercial complex, according to comments Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutiérrez..

The final stretch of 2019 becomes opening season for CMI, the real estate arm of Corporación Multi Inversiones (CMI), which in October began with the expansions of Pradera Chimaltenango and Pradera Xela, as well as the remodeling of Pradera Escuintla, and will continue later with the opening of Pradera Zacapa and Pradera Petapa.

Pradera Zacapa, which will have 13,500 square meters of construction area, plus 18,000 square meters for parking, will be inaugurated in November. The investment in this single-level complex, which includes 69 stores and approximately 350 parking spaces, amounts to $15 million.

CMI invets in shopping centers

This is the first shopping center in which the company will incorporate a solar panel system, the first pilot project to generate complementary clean and renewable energy for use in the complex, by means of 7,000 square meters of panels mounted on the roofs of the infrastructure.

Depending on solar radiation, the firm anticipates that these will generate half of the energy required by the Pradera Zacapa CMI operation.

How will this initiative be formed?

The initiative, which will be environmentally friendly, will highlight aspects such as efficient lighting with LED lamps, energy-efficient air conditioning systems and treatment plants.

It will also use polyurethane sheets for the roof, bedroom glass and waterproofing with a high reflectance value, which will minimize the impact of heat.

The façade will respond to the renovated design of the Pradera shopping centers. The concept adopted will include green walls and natural plants native to the region, which will be maintained by means of a drip ferti-irrigation system that, compared to traditional systems, will save 40% of water.

When did this construction start?

Construction began in December 2018 and has generated around 600 job positions for local workers, indicates Juan Pablo Caballeros, engineering and construction manager of Multiproyectos CMI.

Pradera Zacapa will be the brand’s thirteenth shopping center and will have two anchors, Cinépolis movie theaters and a La Torre supermarket.

In addition, there will be 20 kiosks, a food court with seven restaurant options and capacity for 300 diners, and an area that will be connected to a pergola and a park with a green area. The project is located in zone 3 of the departmental capital of Zacapa.

Expansions and remodeling

In Escuintla, the company is finalizing a total remodeling of the image and the creation of new uses within the original building. To this end, it is investing approximately $5 million, explains Natalia Cozza, the company’s community shopping center manager.

CMI invets in shopping centers

Among the investments the company is currently making is the inauguration of the expansion of the Pradera Chimaltenango shopping center. This is something innovative and will surely benefit the Guatemalan community.

It is a project that allows for the duplication of the commercial complex and contemplates new amenities, more stores and diverse restaurant options for its guests. “It is a complete remodeling of various spaces,” says Ricardo Gonzalez, general manager of Multiproyectos CMI.