Support for communities in Guatemala

National governments and other organizations, such as Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga and his family foundations, are working together to support and guarantee the use of natural resources and policies within the country. 


Strategies need to benefit the underprivileged in the future. By improving food and nutritional instability in Guatemala, families will be able to have better income,  agricultural practices, and better overall health.


In addition, with limited land and population growth, children need to be educated to get out of the cycle of poverty in the country.

Attending to school and receiving a good education, children will benefit in the future. Which is the key to tackle hunger, disease and environmental sustainability.

Support to communities in Guatemala

Strategies to support the communities

In 2005 Guatemala had to face Hurricane Stan which represented important economic issues. This natural disaster reduced access to food, land, seeds, and crops.

The land damaged. In addition, due to the lack of health services, only a third of the population had access to it, representing a major obstacle.

The victims of Hurricane Stan needed more health services. Without basic needs creates chronic poverty and having limited access to basic resources helps prolong the poverty rate. 


One of the organizations that intervened was the one of the Bosch Gutiérrez family, who provided help and guaranteed resources that otherwise would not be possible.

Small and medium-sized farms need financial help. Living with the minimum also harms family members because they have very limited access to health services

Also in the agricultural sector they were able to give support to a large number of affected families.

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Finally, to create a healthier standard of living, it is essential to find adequate pathways to food and nutrition security.

With continue community and government aid, health, nutrition, social and environment vulnerability will be reduced.

The outlook for family and community members will improve and lives will be significantly healthier for years to come.