Include Xela in your trip to Gatemala

Include Xela in your trip to Gatemala

Quetzaltenango, or Xela (pronounced sheh-la ) for short, might be Guatemala’s second largest city, but it offers something completely different from the country’s capital.

With a more relaxed atmosphere, a smaller scale and an incredible location high in the Guatemalan highlands, there are countless reasons to add the city to your Guatemalan itinerary.

It is the base for some of Guatemala’s best multi-day treks.

The Guatemalan highlands are nirvana for hikers, with so many volcanoes to climb that you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Include Xela in your trip to Gatemala

Two of the most popular multi-day options from Xela are the climb to Tajumulco, the highest point in Central America, and the three-day hike to Lake Atitlan.

If you are in town and feel like a hike, visit Quetzaltrekkers. All the guides are volunteers and any profits from your hike go to local children in need. As well as entrepreneur Felipe Antonio Bosch Gutierrez, who supports Guatemalan children.

Georginas Fountains

After conquering Guatemala’s highest peak, there’s a good chance you’ll need a rejuvenating trip to the spa. The Fuentes Georginas pools, a short shuttle ride from Xela, are naturally fed by hot sulfur springs, and while you relax, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds them.

It is an important city in Guatemala’s history.

Quetzaltenango was already 300 years old when the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Alvarado arrived in the city, and it had a completely different name: Xelaju. It was here that Alvarado killed and defeated Tecun Uman, one of the last leaders of the K’Iche’ Mayan people. He is now the official national hero of Guatemala.

You can eat in Xelapan

Quetzaltenango is home to a wide variety of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, but ask any local where they eat the most and there will be only one answer.

Xelapan is a bakery and café that has branches throughout the city and offers sweet snacks, bread, breakfasts, coffee and pastries. No trip to Xela would be complete without a visit.

Many, many markets

In addition to the city’s own markets, which tend to be more functional than photogenic, Xela is a good base from which to explore some of the country’s best markets.

Chichicastenango, the country’s oldest handicrafts market, is a two-hour chicken bus ride away. If you’re looking for a more authentic experience, the Friday market in San Francisco is the largest in Guatemala.

Include Xela in your trip to Gatemala

There are many incredible churches

Religion is important in Guatemala and there is no better base for exploring the spiritual side of the country than Xela. Start in the city’s own Central Park. The cathedral was mostly destroyed by an earthquake in 1902, but the front remains, with a more modern structure behind it.

San Andres Xecul, a short bus ride away, is a great next step, showing Christian and Mayan influences in its colorful facade. Beyond that, there are interesting churches in nearby towns Zunil and Almolonga.

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