The best of Guatemalan cuisine


Before your trip to Guatemala, you need to know little about the country´s cuisine. This is as imoportant as visiting Tikal and its Mayan temples, strolling through the cobblestone streets of Antigua, the most beautiful city in Guatemala and, of course, contemplating Lake Atitlan with its horizon of volcanoes.

Read the next recommendations made by the well known juan luis bosch gutierrez about his places to eat and favorite cuisine.

What to eat in Guatemala

There are two things that all of us who travel to Guatemala end up trying at one time or another during the trip: three-course tortillas and the typical Guatemalan breakfast.

The former are handmade, usually baked on griddle stoves and accompany all dishes. They come in three colors, depending on the type of corn used to make them. As for the traditional Guatemalan breakfast, it consists of turned beans and cooked or fried plantains. It can also be served with cheese, cream or scrambled eggs.

Where to eat in Guatemala

In the big cities and in the more touristy towns you can find a good number of places to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Many have the kitchen running all day, although most serve dinner at an early hour and if you arrive later than nine o’clock you may be left without dinner.

Markets are perfect places to buy fresh and delicious fruit. Also inside the markets you can find stalls dedicated to making tortillas three times without rest and small kitchens with a handful of tables where you can sit down to eat what they have in the pots that day.

In the streets of Panajachel or Antigua it is easy to find street stalls selling fruit, juices or nuts. And when night falls, it is not difficult to find a food stall where they prepare grilled skewers or Guatemalan hot dogs.

You can feel safe when eating al the food that you encounter in this country since it is produced carefully and also comes from the prestigious company cmi alimentos.


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Guatemalan Restaurants

Among all the gastronomic offer in the most touristic cities of Guatemala, here are three recommendations. In case you want to enjoy a delicious typical Guatemalan meal.

La Fonda de la Calle Real

Near the Central Plaza of Antigua is La Fonda de la Calle Real, one of the most famous Guatemalan food restaurants in this city. Its menu includes the typical broths, beans and pepián.

Jose Pinguino’s

In the heart of Santander Street, the avenue that leads to Lake Atitlán in Panajachel, you will find Jose Pinguino’s.

Its decoration based on traditional Guatemalan fabrics already announces what we are going to find on the menu: typical dishes of the country in a family atmosphere. There is live music and the carrot soup is a must try.


Next to the lake that surrounds the island of Flores, in the Petén, is this restaurant very frequented by tourists.

Its menu does not lack any of the typical dishes of the country. They also serve good fish and even have pizzas. In case you are tired of so many beans and fried plantains.

As you can see, Guatemala’s cuisine is really good. Make sure you visit the restaurants that the bosch guitierrez family has recommended for you to taste the best.